Past IVSA Events

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72nd IVSA CongressDenmarkJuly 2023In Person
3rd IVSA The Americas Regional Symposium-June 2023Online
2nd IVSA SSA Regional Symposium-June 2023Online
1st IVSA Europe Regional SymposiumItalyMay 2023In Person
2nd IVSA Asia Regional Symposium-April 2023Online
71st IVSA SymposiumSloveniaJanuary 2023In Person
71st IVSA CongressBrazilJuly 2022In Person
2nd IVSA The Americas Regional Symposium-May 2022Online
1st IVSA SSA Regional Symposium-March 2022Online
70th IVSA Congress - Sprecial General AssemblySpecial General Assembly (SGA)August 2021Online