We are delighted to extend this invitation to join the only International Veterinary Students' Association. Your new National Member Organization will represent your country on a global level as part of our family extending all around the world! 

Get ready to participate in cultural and educational exchanges, attend global events and contribute through IVSA to important discussions to build upon the future of our veterinary profession!

Before applying to establish a Member Organization in your country, please ensure it does not already have a National Member Organization established, as our structure only allows for one such organization per country.

You can check this information in the Our Members section. 

Here is a document that can help you in the process: Here


Application form

To apply, you need to follow these few easy steps: 


  1. Fill in the form with all the information: Application Form
  2. Prepare Presentation for the IVSA General Assembly. You can find a template Here.
  3. Once you have prepared your application form and presentation, send an email to mod@ivsa.org with all of the documents until: 
    • 1st of December if you are applying to get your Member Organization approved for Symposium
    •  15th of June if you are applying to get your Member Organization approved for Congress

After your Member Organization is approved, you will be contacted by the Regional Representative of your region and by our Treasurer regarding the Membership Fee. 

After you pay the fee, you are considered an Active Candidate Member Organization. After attending one live session of the General Assembly, you will be considered an Active Member Organization and gain voting rights. 

Become a Member