Equine Network

The Equine Network is a vibrant community that connects students who are passionate about equine veterinary. Its purpose is to support their enthusiasm for equine medicine by providing valuable resources that can contribute to their future careers. The Equine Network offers various initiatives and opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge and gain hands-on experiences, ultimately supporting their journey towards becoming successful equine veterinarians.


Our Mission

  1. Provide more equine veterinary resources to students.
  2. Provide students with more equine veterinary opportunities.
  3. Connect equine-interested students together globally.


Our Projects

Case discussion 

Together, we'll explore and solve the case in a collaborative, discussion-based approach. We'll also present the correct procedures based on the latest literature to ensure that we're following the latest and most effective diagnostic processes. We're even more excited to share that we plan to invite experts to join us and supervise our discussions, providing even greater insights and expertise. With anywhere from 5-20 students joining us at each meeting, we're always eager to welcome new perspectives and even invite professionals to share their cases with us. We're also proud to utilize the valuable knowledge and experience of our Alumni members.


Online Exchange, sharing, and having fun!

We kick off our program with a one-of-a-kind registration process that pairs us up with our exchange partners. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know each other better and learn more about each other's countries and educational systems. Our group then comes together for a fun-filled meeting featuring social activities like games and thoughtful questions. We also get the chance to showcase our love for horses through engaging presentations on equines. These presentations cover various topics, from different horse breeds around the world to equine infectious diseases. This event fosters a deep sense of camaraderie among our members and has resulted in many lasting friendships. It's an excellent way to celebrate cultural diversity while sharing educational content.


Book & Journal Club meeting

We love to explore online books and discover fascinating articles to read together. During our 1-hour meetings, a member or two will share their insights on the chosen chapter or article, and we engage in thoughtful discussions.


Webinars & Conferences

We are thrilled to offer a range of educational online webinars that are tailored to each month's topic. In addition, we have a unique type of webinar that focuses on equine medicine and surgery and valuable advice from veterinarians and veterinary companies on how to start our careers. Our webinars are interactive, and we encourage students to get involved in solving cases alongside our esteemed clinicians. To ensure everyone is well-prepared, we also provide helpful resources to our members before the event. We are committed to providing an engaging and informative experience that will benefit our members in numerous ways.

Our Team