Equine Network

The Equine Network is a dynamic community connecting students with a strong interest in equine veterinary. It aims to foster their passion for equine medicine and provide valuable resources that can contribute to their future careers. Through various initiatives and opportunities, the Equine Network offers students the chance to deepen their knowledge and gain hands-on experiences, ultimately supporting their journey toward becoming successful equine veterinarians.


Our Mission

  1. Provide more equine veterinary resources to students.
  2. Provide students with more equine veterinary opportunities.
  3. Connect equine-interested students globally.


Our Projects

Weekly Quiz

Weekly quizzes are posted on the EN’s Instagram story to educate members.

Breed of the Month

A new breed is chosen each month to highlight interesting facts and potential disease risk factors.

Journal Club

A journal article is chosen every month to be discussed by members on current topics in equine medicine.

Equine Newsletter

Release monthly to keep members up to date with the Equine Network. Various columns within the newsletter are a member of the month, equine opportunities, journal club promotion and article release, and other fun equine facts.

Our Team