How to create a Local Chapter inside of your National MO?

Check if there is a National Member Organization Established in your Country. You can check this information at the Our Members section. 
If there is a National Member Organization in your country, please contact them through their official email address in the Our Members section

If there is no National Member Organization in your Country and you want to establish one, please follow the instructions under the Become a Member section


What to do when you create a new Local Chapter?

If you have a new Local Chapter created inside of your National Member Organization, these are the steps you should follow: 

  1. Send an email to the Member Organization Director (MOD) and Regional Representative of your region with the following information: 
    • Name of the Local Chapter 
    • Name of the National Committee Representative of the New Local Chapter
    • Number of members inside of that Local Chapter (to establish a Local Chapter, you are required to have at least 3 members) 

After you’ve done the previous step, you will receive an official email address of a new local chapter and password; you need to give this information to the National Committee Representative. 

It’s done! You’ve officially created a new Local Chapter inside of your MO. 

How to start a LC