The IVSA Development Fund is committed to supporting IVSA members from underprivileged faculties through a wide range of projects. These initiatives are designed to foster veterinary education, advance research endeavours, and contribute to community development, positively impacting the global veterinary community. Several notable projects have been undertaken through the Development Fund in the present and the past, exemplifying our dedication to creating meaningful change. 

Below you may see a few of the current and Past Projects conducted by us.

Current Projects


DAD Scholarship Grant:

Each year, the Development Fund (DF) opens applications for IVSA members to fund their veterinary-related internship. Selected applicants receive up to €1000 to cover the living expenses incurred during their internship, including travel, visa, accommodation, and other living costs. To apply for the DAD scholarship grant, applicants must be current IVSA members enrolled in a veterinary university and accepted in a veterinary-related internship approved by their university. 

Membership Fee Fund / Membership Fee Sponsorship Project: 

As defined in our Bylaws, the duties of our Member Organisations include paying their annual membership fee to IVSA Global. This is one of the main requisites for them to remain an Active MO.
To foster an environment of collaboration and diversity within our association, the Development Fund (DF) has initiated two projects: 


  • Membership Fee Sponsorship Project: An opportunity for MOs to donate money to cover the membership fees of other MOs. Any donations from MOs are encouraged.
  • Membership Fee Fund: An initiative from the DF to support MOs that face difficulties paying their fees. MOs from developing countries that struggle to cover their membership fees are encouraged to apply for this funding opportunity.

IVC Evidensia MO Fund:

IVC Evidensia is donating funds to the Development Fund (DF) to create a Member Organisation Fund to assist with approved initiatives, projects and membership fees for IVSA Member Organisations. The IVC Evidensia MO Fund is an excellent opportunity for IVSA MOs to get project sponsor support. Selected MOs receive up to €400 to sponsor their project/initiative.  

Be Kind Award:

The BeKindAward is an opportunity for IVSA MOs to organise fundraising activities generating money for the Development Fund (DF). To build a stronger IVSA community by promoting kindness and compassion, MOs have the opportunity to raise funds that will be used to improve the situation of other IVSA members.  

Reduced Fee Spots:

Every IVSA Congress and Symposia, there is the opportunity to receive a reduced fee spot. There is a total of 2 spots for each symposium and 3 spots for each congress. 

Past Projects

DAD & Purina InstitueTravel Grant

An opportunity to cover the travel costs, congress fees and visa costs of IVSA members to attend the 71st IVSA Congress in Brazil. 5 packages up to €2000 were offered to members from low or middle-income countries. 

Vet Books for Africa 

The Development Fund (DF) collaborated with the Vet Books For Africa initiative by supporting their travels through Southern and Central Africa. The DF held fundraising events and promoted this opportunity with the IVSA community to ensure efficient book donations to African countries in need. 

10,000 Paws Project 

An initiative aimed at vaccinating up to 10 000 dogs against rabies across elected communities in Nigeria. The DF has sponsored IVSA Nigeria to carry out this project, which is an essential step towards eliminating rabies in Nigeria and ensuring a safer environment for both humans and animals.

Mission Rabies 

The DF sponsored the Mission Rabies Project in Kumasi, Ghana. As part of the project, veterinary students conducted a survey in local towns and villages to assess the dog populations and the risk of rabies in the area. Based on the survey findings, Mission Rabies organised a vaccination campaign, during which the students could provide tutorials and share information with community members.

CREE Sterilization campaign

The DF raised funds through the DAD Sponsorship Week to support a sterilisation
project in Peru.

Equipment donations


  • Donation of 5 microscopes to Central Mindanao University in the Philippines. 
  • Donation of equipment with an estimated worth of 10,000 euros for a surgical room to the CTU University in Barili in the Philipines.
  • Donation of 21 laptops and a laser jet printer to Nepal in 2015. 
  • Donation of 2 custom-built anesthetic machines to Uganda in 2013/2014.