Standing Committee on Veterinary Education

Veterinary education encompasses the core teaching and learning in classrooms and all factors affecting it directly or indirectly, such as quality and quantity of available study materials, curriculum patterns, etc. The Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCOVE) has been established to improve the education of all veterinary students and professionals worldwide by providing varied educational resources and coming up with new and exciting ways of teaching and learning. SCOVE aims to elevate the overall standard of veterinary education worldwide and to provide opportunities for veterinary students to undertake education in essential areas outside traditional veterinary training.

Our Mission

  1. To unite students and professionals worldwide on a common platform for veterinary education.
  2. To discuss scientific topics outside the traditional university curriculum.
  3. To spread awareness on seeking education in less explored areas in the veterinary sphere, like academia and research.
  4. To make high-quality international educational resources widely available to students free of cost.
  5. To create opportunities for students to actively participate in projects and events of interest to promote fun, new-age learning.
  6. To play a vital stakeholder role in policy and representing the needs of vet students to external decision-making parties.

Our Projects

SCOVE's EDU+ Website 

EDU+ is our online project showcasing our committee's work over the years and a collection of veterinary resources organized by topic and made available to veterinary students worldwide. The website contains links to web pages, audio-visual study materials, and applications on various subjects in the veterinary curriculum.
It also includes materials on non-veterinary disciplines (business and other vocational studies) and soft skills that benefit potential veterinarians and help them thrive in their careers while in the study and after graduation. There are clinical case reports on specific disease conditions and links to other exciting platforms, especially partners' domains.

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VetTalks are up to 18-minute informative lectures inspired by TedTalks, recorded in advance, and delivered by student-nominated expert speakers on veterinary topics of scientific interest. They are uploaded on our YouTube channel for students worldwide to watch anytime, anywhere.

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Veterinary Profession Map 

This extraordinarily creative and visual map aims to help veterinary students by informing them about the possible careers they can choose after graduation in an interactive online interface. It is a must-try for all!

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SCOVE Surveys 

The online surveys are created for vet students worldwide to analyze the factors affecting veterinary education directly or indirectly in veterinary faculties/colleges/universities worldwide.
In the last few years, SCOVE has published research papers based on the following surveys:

  1. The New Generation of Learning
  2. Health Risks for Veterinary Students in Training
  3. Financial Burden of Veterinary School on Students
  4. Pandemic Veterinary Education and Emergency Online Learning.

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Competitions and Quizzes

SCOVE organizes competitions to engage students in burning issues and topics in veterinary education. Every year, we organise an essay competition, a diagnostic challenge, and many online quizzes. The winners receive exciting prizes and certificates and are published on the SCOVE EDU+ website.

SCOVE Workshops and Webinars 

SCOVE Workshops are in-person or online practical tutorial guidelines designed on specific topics as comprehensively as possible, whereas webinars are lectures delivered by expert international speakers.

SCOVE × SCOCA Veterinary Profession Podcast 

"What’s it like to be a veterinarian working in the various career sectors?" We explore different career paths by creating a platform for such interactions and learning from diverse speakers' professional journeys and experiences in a one-on-one interview format on our YouTube channel.

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SCOVE Ambassador Program

The SCOVE Ambassadors are an extensive network of vet students worldwide that serve as the bridge between the committee and their local faculty and its students. They promote SCOVE-related programs, encouraging student participation and amplifying the impact of our committee’s agenda in “improving veterinary education worldwide”.

SCOVE Fact Cards

SCOVE uploads weekly social media posts containing informative "did you know" facts on themes like veterinary education statistics, history, different subject matter content, animal species, global guidelines and protocols, etc.

SCOVE Courses 

Free courses are created by various Member Organisations (like IVSA India) in collaboration with veterinary professionals from their universities. They are launched on SCOVE's Google Classroom for other students to take for free.

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SCOVE Educational Grant

SCOVE utilizes sponsor funding to award grants of 500 Euros to 2 MOs with the most well-planned and impactful educational projects to conduct within their countries, to teach something educational or to impart a practical skill to their members.

Special Discounts on Vetstream Subscriptions for IVSA 

SCOVE and Vetstream have come together as a part of our partnership to help IVSA students worldwide. IVSA members are eligible for special discounts on Vetstream's spectacular online education services: Vetlexicon and Vetacademy. For more information, discount eligibility, and steps to avail, kindly go through and sign up on the link provided.

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Our Team

Our Partners

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  • Vetstream
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