Alumni Network

At the 64th IVSA Congress in Romania (August 2015), a workshop emerged to deliberate on IVSA Alumni affairs and their pivotal role within the IVSA community. This marked the inception of the Alumni Network, designed to foster a community for the professional development of veterinary medicine experts. It serves as a platform for individuals to share ideas, collaborate, and exchange experiences. A core objective is to give back to the IVSA student community, aspiring to contribute, assist, and support student activities within our means and to provide Alumni Members a bridge to connect and contribute to the organization further.


Our Mission

  1. Cultivate a community for ongoing professional development in veterinary care, fostering collaborative learning and skill enhancement.
  2. Connect veterinary professionals worldwide, facilitating the exchange of opportunities, insights, and best practices
  3. Provide mentorship and support for IVSA student activities, ensuring a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.
  4. Organize knowledge-sharing sessions, promoting the exchange of innovative ideas, research findings, and emerging trends.
  5. Promote diversity and inclusion in the veterinary profession, creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds thrive.
  6. Collaborate with industry leaders to provide access to cutting-edge resources, research opportunities, and exclusive events.
  7. Engage with local communities through outreach programs, promoting awareness about veterinary care and animal welfare.
  8. Offer continuous learning opportunities through workshops, webinars, and training programs to stay updated on evolving practices and technologies.
  9. Advocate for the role of veterinary professionals in global initiatives addressing challenges like zoonotic diseases and environmental conservation.
  10. Celebrate achievements and milestones within the veterinary community, fostering pride and camaraderie among members.

Our Projects

Mentor-Mentee project (with SCOW)

The IVSA Mentor-Mentee project is a collaborative endeavor spearheaded by the Standing Committee on Wellness (SCOW) and the Alumni Network (AN). Our shared goal is to establish meaningful connections between veterinary students and seasoned professionals, cultivating a dynamic learning partnership.

This initiative creates an open and supportive environment where mentees can freely engage with their mentors, asking questions and receiving valuable feedback shaped by the mentor's unique perspective and extensive experience in the field. Through this reciprocal exchange, mentees gain valuable insights into their future careers as veterinarians, while mentors have the rewarding opportunity to guide and shape the paths of their future colleagues.

Alumni Case Presentations

Embracing a quarterly tradition within the Alumni Network, this event offers a unique platform for our esteemed members to share their wealth of clinical knowledge and celebrate the diverse practices across regions. Welcoming IVSA students with open arms, this gathering provides an invaluable opportunity to navigate various clinical cases.

With the presence of professionals from diverse career paths and expertise spanning different species, the event fosters an atmosphere of interactive discussions. Join us in this enriching experience where collaborative learning takes center stage.

Young Vet Toolkit

This innovative project is designed to empower recent veterinary graduates, ensuring they step into the industry with confidence and preparedness. The project, aptly named the "Young Vet Starter Kit," is envisioned as a comprehensive database, consolidating readily available resources for easy access.

This multifaceted resource is set to be a collaborative masterpiece, drawing contributions from every standing committee within the IVSA, alongside valued

partnerships with our esteemed IVSA associates. Together, we aim to create a holistic support system, equipping young professionals with the essential tools needed to embark on a successful journey in the veterinary field.


Podcasting is an easy approach to contacting your chosen audience depending on the IVSA and Veterinary Medicine topics for that session, whether you have a message to advertise, a few ideas to express, or an interest in communicating with a particular area and subject. Podcast audio content and accessibility allow listeners to dive into topics without setting aside time to read or watch a video. Podcasts also offer articles in smaller bite-sized chunks, perfect for daily commutes or busy routines.

Alumni Events During Congresses and Symposia

A special space for alumni is at the heart of each congress and symposium hosted by the International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA). These events serve as vibrant reunions, uniting former members from around the globe. Amidst the dynamic atmosphere of shared experiences and professional growth, alumni come together to foster lasting connections, exchange insights, and celebrate the enduring spirit of the IVSA community.

  • Global Reunions: Alumni events at IVSA congresses and symposiums unite former members worldwide.
  • Networking Hub: Opportunities for alumni to network, share professional insights, and build global connections.
  • Shared Experiences: Celebrating the bonds made and nostalgia of IVSA memories.
  • Professional Exchange: Discuss career growth, insights into veterinary medicine, and knowledge sharing in other industries.
  • Community Spirit: Reflecting the enduring spirit of IVSA and its impact on alumni's lives and careers.
  • Achievement Celebration: Recognizing alumni contributions to the veterinary profession.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Creating avenues for alumni collaboration on impactful initiatives for career and academia.
  • Inspiration for Students: Inspiration for current IVSA students by showcasing alumni success stories.
  • Continued Engagement: Strengthening the enduring connection between alumni and the global IVSA community.


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