Alumni Network

During the 64th IVSA Congress held in Romania (August 2015), a workshop was organized to discuss IVSA Alumni affairs and their role within the IVSA community. Since then, the Alumni Network was born. The Network serves as a community for professional development for all veterinary medicine professionals and a space for them to share their ideas, collaborate and exchange their experiences. Giving back to the IVSA student community is a major goal, and the aim is to contribute, assist and support any IVSA student activities within our capacity.


Our Mission

  1. Grow a community focused on professional development for veterinary professionals. 
  2. Connect veterinary professionals from around the globe and share opportunities.
  3. Provide mentorship and support for all IVSA student activities and events.

Our Projects

Mentor-Mentee project (with SCOW)

The IVSA Mentor-Mentee project is a collaboration between the Standing Committee on Wellness (SCOW) and the Alumni Network (AN). The project aims to pair veterinary students with practicing veterinarians to help foster a learning partnership. This partnership creates an open environment for the mentee to ask the mentor questions, who can provide feedback based on their unique perspective and experience in the field. Through this, the mentee will gain helpful insight into their future career as a veterinarian, and the mentor will be able to guide their future colleagues. 

Alumni Case Presentations

This is a quarterly activity within the Alumni Network. It is an opportunity for Alumni members to share their clinical knowledge and appreciate differences in practice according to region. IVSA students are welcome to attend and learn how to work through different clinical cases. Different species and professionals from different career paths are present, and interactive discussions are the goal! 

Young Vet Toolkit

This is a brand-new project! This project plans to equip all young veterinary graduates with the necessary tools and resources to be confident and prepared as they enter the industry. It will serve as a database where already available resources can easily be accessed. The “Young Vet Starter'' kit will be a multifaceted resource that will be a collaborative effort involving each standing committee within the IVSA, as well as IVSA partners. 

Our Team

our team

Our Partners

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