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WVA/Ceva Student of the Year

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01-09-2023 00:00:UTC -> 01-10-2023 23:59:UTC
Animal Welfare - Public Health - Veterinary Education
The WVA Global Veterinary Awards comprise 6 awards that will recognise veterinarians for their work in providing animal owners, governments, health authorities, farmers, other veterinarians, and the public with best practice across various fields of veterinary medicine. “The Student of the Year” award is one of these 6 awards that will be given in collaboration with the International Veterinary Students’ Association.

The Student of the Year will be selected based on their extracurricular activities, team experiences and their work in One Health, Animal Welfare or Veterinary Education.

1st Equine Network Conference

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15-10-2023 00:00:UTC -> 19-10-2023 15:00:UTC
Equine - Veterinary Education
The primary aim of the Equine network is to help veterinary students worldwide in improving their knowledge and skills in all aspects of Equine Medicine and Surgery by providing free access to genuine learning resources and exposure to various training opportunities globally. Which is why this Conference has been created in the first place in order to allow IVSA students to benefit from the richness and the experience of various speakers, participate in workshops and learn more about equine medicine and surgery in all its aspects.