Standing Committee on Animal Welfare

The IVSA Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) is committed to advancing one of IVSA's primary goals: actively championing initiatives to elevate the global standard of animal welfare. Our focus lies in mobilizing veterinary students worldwide to foster heightened awareness and education about animal welfare. Through these efforts, we strive to cultivate a world where the well-being of animals is upheld to the utmost standard, fostering a harmonious coexistence between animals and humans while safeguarding our environment.

Our Mission

  1. To foster global student animal welfare engagement- By increasing awareness about animal welfare.
  2. To lead veterinary students towards a world where animals are respected, protected, and understood.

Our Projects

Monthly Calendar

This is an invaluable resource for Member Organizations (MOs) and Local Chapters (LCs) to engage actively in essential celebrations. This calendar guides MOs and LCs to schedule events ahead of time and keeps members informed about global animal welfare celebrations. By leveraging this calendar, MOs/LCs can boost awareness and plan impactful animal-related events seamlessly. Join in and make a difference in the welfare of our furry friends worldwide!

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Animal Welfare Week

Animal Welfare Week is an occasion championed by SCAW, urging our esteemed Member Organisations across the globe to orchestrate impactful events dedicated to animal welfare within their communities.

SCAW is committed to helping MOs organize this event and utilize our social media platforms to broadcast and spotlight the diverse initiatives worldwide. Our fervent advocacy extends to inspire the veterinary community to spearhead local endeavours to elevate animal welfare standards within their communities.

This week-long commemoration serves as a catalyst, igniting discussions and reflections on crucial animal welfare matters. Whether within the walls of veterinary schools, in collaborative efforts with external organizations, or among the broader public sphere, our goal is to foster meaningful discourse and action toward enhancing the lives of animals.

Ceva Animal Welfare Grant

SCAW has collaborated with CEVA, an esteemed animal health company, to extend a valuable opportunity to our esteemed Members. This partnership aims to allocate grants of up to 600 euros per Member organization, fostering the initiation of independent animal welfare projects. These projects align closely with SCAW's fundamental objectives and principles.

To advance animal welfare globally, we are committed to supporting at least five project proposals from local chapters to receive this grant. This initiative serves as a catalyst, encouraging and empowering our Member Organizations to drive impactful animal welfare activities on an international scale.

Workshop, Panel Sessions, and Webinars

SCAW workshops, panel discussions, and webinars offer virtual and physical immersive sessions meticulously crafted to delve into specific animal welfare topics. These sessions are curated by adept industry experts, aiming to provide comprehensive insights and knowledge on targeted topics.

Month in Welfare

The SCAW Month in Welfare is an intricately curated initiative that meticulously outlines various animal welfare concerns on a monthly basis. Its primary objective is to spotlight distinct animal welfare issues each month while concurrently fostering awareness about essential concepts pertaining to animal well-being that individuals should be acquainted with. This comprehensive endeavour aims to engage and inform our esteemed members about the multifaceted dimensions of animal welfare, thereby encouraging a deeper understanding and proactive participation in improving animal lives.

Debate Series

The SCAW Debate is a platform for insightful discussions centered around critical animal welfare issues. Through this event, our members can delve into enlightening experiences, engaging in thought-provoking dialogues that foster a deeper understanding of these pressing concerns. We aim to raise awareness among our community, encouraging active participation and advocacy for improved animal welfare standards. This forum serves as a conduit for members to broaden their perspectives, contributing to meaningful discourse and potential solutions in this important field.

Ambassador Program

The ambassadors play a vital role as liaisons between SCAW and our esteemed Member Organizations. They diligently inform our committee about animal welfare initiatives, events, and pertinent discussions within their universities or local communities. Moreover, these ambassadors act as channels for sharing specific projects, such as the Ceva animal welfare grant and SCAW surveys.

Conversely, SCAW, facilitated by the ambassador manager, ensures ambassadors are kept abreast of ongoing projects and potential opportunities and actively promotes events organised by Member Organizations across various social media platforms. This reciprocal relationship fosters effective communication and amplifies the reach of important initiatives within our collective sphere of influence.

SCAW Survey

Online surveys have been meticulously designed for veterinary students across the globe, aimed at comprehensively analysing the myriad factors that influence animal welfare within their communities. Recent surveys conducted include:

1. Examination of Animal welfare status 

2. IVSA SCAW, MO ideas and concerns

3. Assessing Animal Welfare Perception and Education Among Veterinary Students Globally


SCAW, in collaboration with WTS, presents an invaluable opportunity for IVSA members: an open-source repository of animal welfare resources. These resources are designed to seamlessly integrate animal welfare principles into every facet of veterinary medicine. Best of all, they are readily accessible, downloadable, and completely free.


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