Pathology Network

“Veterinary Pathology is:

The study of animal disease in a variety of species, often with human implications
Pathology provides the scientific foundation for the practice of medicine by studying the etiology and pathogenesis of disease at all levels
Crucial in determining the cause of animal disease and its risk to human health (at the forefront of the One Health concept)
Studies range from live animals to specific proteins involved in disease.” 
[1] American College of Veterinary Pathologists;

The Pathology Network (PN) serves as a platform dedicated to veterinary students who are enthusiastic about veterinary pathology, complementing the global network of IVSA members. By facilitating collaborations with specialists, the PN aims to present the diverse interdisciplinary aspects of veterinary pathology and enhance significant youth engagement in this field, fostering a strong connection between veterinarians. In doing so, the PN actively contributes to IVSA's diversity by introducing the first network focused on the paraclinical field of Veterinary Medicine. 

The Pathology Network is IVSA’s latest Network, founded during the 72nd IVSA Congress in Denmark.

Our Mission

The Pathology Network aims to raise awareness about Veterinary Pathology and help veterinary students explore potential career paths. The Pathology Network aims to connect like-minded IVSA members and provide collaboration and knowledge exchange opportunities.

  1. Create communication channels to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities among veterinary students worldwide;
  2. Promote the international application of veterinary skills and knowledge and building capacities within the field of veterinary pathology;
  3. Provide IVSA members with opportunities and information regarding the career paths in Veterinary Pathology;
  4. Build relations with professional partners;
  5. Facilitate discussions and encourage IVSA members to advocate for relevant issues.

Our Projects

Pathogen Posts

The Pathogen Posts initiative within the Pathology Network is an educational platform where we delve into various aspects of pathogens. We aim to comprehensively understand pathogenesis, epidemiology, transmission, clinical manifestation, prevention, lesions, histological lesions, lab diagnosis, and differential diagnosis of different pathogens through detailed posts. Our goal is to equip veterinary students with in-depth knowledge about the intricate world of pathogens, fostering a deeper understanding of their impact on animal health and their interconnectedness with human health.

Research Paper of the Month

As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary pathology research, the Research Paper of the Month feature highlights a particularly interesting pathology-related research paper. These summaries dissect the chosen paper's key findings, methodologies, and implications. By presenting a concise overview, we aim to inform our members about the latest advancements in the field, sparking intellectual curiosity and encouraging a continuous pursuit of knowledge among veterinary students.


The Pathology Network proudly hosts a series of webinars that bring together experts, students, and enthusiasts in the field of veterinary pathology. These webinars cover various topics, ranging from emerging trends and technologies to case studies and practical insights. Our webinars aim to bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications by providing a platform for interactive discussions and knowledge exchange. These sessions not only enhance the educational experience of our members but also contribute to the global dialogue on veterinary pathology.

Study Groups with MOs (Members Organizations) utilizing Quizzes and Educational Tools

Including study groups with MOs represents an effective strategy within the Pathology Network to foster interactive learning among veterinary students. By incorporating quizzes and polls, the study sessions enhance engagement and encourage active participation. The diverse array of educational tools, including quizzes and interactive platforms, ensures a comprehensive approach that caters to various learning styles. Additionally, integrating flashcards provides a valuable resource for students to reinforce their learning and self-assess their understanding of key concepts. These study groups enhance individual learning and create a collaborative environment, aligning seamlessly with the overarching mission of the IVSA Pathology Network.

IVSA Croatia initially approached the Pathology Network with this idea. The first session will be in January 2024 and will be advertised through IVSA's official channels.

Microscopic Monday with IVSA Rampur (Nepal)

Microscopic Monday, conducted in collaboration with IVSA Rampur (Nepal), is a captivating initiative that leverages social media, specifically Instagram, to engage a diverse and global audience. By presenting histopathological slides as quizzes with hints, the event challenges students and sparks curiosity and interest in veterinary pathology. The global collaboration aspect introduces cross-cultural learning, exposing participants to various cases and experiences. The use of Instagram as a platform for sharing quiz slides and solutions goes beyond engagement, fostering the creation of an online community of veterinary students passionate about pathology. This initiative, emphasizing visual learning, reinforces theoretical knowledge and cultivates skills essential for microscopic examination, contributing significantly to the Pathology Network's mission.

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