Wild and Exotic Animal Network

IVSA Wild and Exotic Animals Network connects students around the world interested in exotic and wild animals medicine and conservation so we can all globally enhance the contribution of veterinary students to veterinary medicine to the health and welfare of wildlife and to help establish and encourage education programs for students and veterinarians interested in the management and health of wildlife.


Our Mission

  1. Provide free access to constructive learning resources and easily accessible courses in the field of wild and exotic animal medicine.
  2. Provide information on externship placements to enhance your medical proficiency.
  3. Make worldwide connections to future colleagues and fellow wildlife enthusiasts.
  4. Give you insight into your favourite species of wild and exotic animals.

Our Projects

Animal Superpower 

Nature often has some marvellous and downright terrifying tricks on how to survive. Animals have some incredible superpowers, from false heads to poison fins to killer eyes. Nature deserves credit for the creative ways it protects and cares for those in the animal kingdom. We want to educate you on some of them and show you how cool nature can be through a monthly Instagram post on Animal Superpowers. 

Species Spotlight 

In the form of an Instagram post video, WEAN shares interesting details about rare, important and unusual wildlife, the threats they face and what we need to do to understand them better and save them from extinction with a wide range of different topics.

Our Team

Our Partners