Our Members


Member Organizations of IVSA are located all over the globe, each composed of extremely active members, sharing ideas and cultures throughout the year. The differences in cultures and various curriculums make all IVSA experiences rich and unique, but we all share the same passion for IVSA.

The IVSA is an apolitical, associative student organization. As such, Member Organizations are recognized by a simple majority vote at IVSA General Assemblies. Member Organizations are thus recognized independent of the de facto or de jure status of the territory in which they are based.

Countries and Member Organizations of IVSA

Any questions about any of the below organizations, please contact mod@ivsa.org. If you wish for your website to be linked to the list below, please contact publicrelations@ivsa.org.

Inactive Members

Inactive members are members which have not paid their membership fee for the current year or had not updated their contact information for the current year. Inactive members are named, but are not directly linked to IVSA. According to IVSA Bylaws inactive MOs cannot: vote, nominate or be nominated, nor become delegates of Congresses or Symposia.

In order to be considered active, each year (the IVSA financial year begins on 1st September), each Member Organization must pay their membership fee to the Treasurer (treasurer@ivsa.org) in response to the invoice (sent out by the Treasurer in September), and send the current name and email address of their Exchange Officer and local President to the Member Organization Director (mod@ivsa.org).

Candidate Members

“Candidate Member Organizations share the same rights and duties as full Member Organizations, with the sole exception of the right to vote. In order to become full Member Organization its representatives are obligated to attend at least 1 full session of IVSA Global General Assembly.”

Regional Representatives

Dear IVSA family,

This year we decided start up a new project in IVSA Global in order to involve our members more and address you locally. We have divided IVSA to 6 regions (Asia, Europe, Middle East North Africa (MENA), Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas) in order to initiate cooperation of Member Organizations within the Region and strengthen the communication with IVSA Global. On the posters below, you will find the Regional Representatives of each region, their contact information, and links to the Regional Facebook Group which you can join. We hope that this project would not just encourage more involvement in IVSA, but also strengthen communication and our bond as one big IVSA Family.