Alumni Network

Alumni Network

The IVSA Alumni network is just that: a network of IVSA members who have since graduated.

Many say that their IVSA years were some of the best of their life, but the journey doesn't have to end when you graduate! The IVSA Alumni network was founded in 2015 and is here to help support young vets on their onward journey by bringing and keeping the community together. Our Alumni network is also of great value to the Association giving back to the community that has cultured so many memories and further education by aiding current students.


Benefit the animals and people of the world by promoting the sharing of skills, knowledge and education among our network of graduated veterinarians

Provide a platform to bring and keep graduated IVSA members together

Support current IVSA student members by promoting IVSA, contributing to their education, providing financial support and mentorship


Alumni Network

The Alumni Network aims to maintain a network of graduated IVSA members to share knowledge, participate in events and provide a friendly face at continual development programs.

Using social media platforms, we share IVSA Alumni activities and opportunities to graduates.

Graduate Outreach

The Alumni Network connects with graduated IVSA members in an effort to give them access to the Alumni Network.

Alumni Events

The Alumni Network runs IVSA Alumni events alongside the student congress/symposium that allows the development of veterinary skills/knowledge, networking and student mentorship.


Association Outreach

The Alumni Network works with partners to bring benefits to our Alumni network, such as scholarships, opportunities and internships.

Mentor-Mentee Program

In cooperation with the Standing Committee on Wellness, WGA connects Alumni with current students to mentor and guide through the challenges of veterinary school.

Apply here to mentor a student!

Post-Graduate Database

The Alumni Network works to create a database of post-graduate opportunities around the world.


Join IVSA Alumni

Join our community of graduated veterinarians around the world and benefit from a global network to share ideas and knowledge, network with the community and benefit from friendly faces at international congresses/conferences, attend Biannual events to socialize, explore a new city and aid students. Benefit from a post-graduate database of opportunities around the world, online Calendar of Global Association events and be first to know about job opportunities within Associations.

In order to become a member of IVSA Alumni it is necessary to have been a former member of IVSA. 

How to join:

  1. Pay the fee and register to Alumni Network Form
  2. Join and follow our social media:

Chairs Information


Alumni Network Structure

Chair of Alumni Network: Shamiso Sharon, email:


Taking minutes during meetings, responding to member inquiries on email. Managing the applications for new Alumni members. Help in other committee projects where possible.

Skills needed:

·       Good communication skills

·       Experience with membership administration.



Project Manager (2x):

Managing existing projects, planning and setting up online events for members.

Skills needed:

·       Experience in setting up member activities


Event Manager(2x)

Work on setting up the Alumni Events at the 70th IVSA Symposium in Guadalajara, Mexico and 71st IVSA Congress in São Paolo, Brazil

Skills needed:

·       Experience in managing international IVSA events

·       Good communication skills


Social Media Manager (3x):

Managing social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), collaborating with ExCo’s PRC where necessary. Help in other committee projects where possible.

Skills needed:

·       Experience in managing different social media platforms

·       Graphic design skills (InDesign, Photoshop, and/or Canva)



Liaison Officer

Communicate with the various IVSA officials and coordinators to set up and maintain collaborations between IVSA committees and communities. Help with any other committee projects where possible.

Skills needed:

·       Good communication skills

·       A good understanding of the IVSA Committee and community structures


External Relations Manager

You will be responsible for: 

·       Maintaining the relationship between the network and its current partners/sponsors.

·       Create new partnerships and sponsorships for the network

·       Ensure the network’s MOUs with its current partners/sponsors are up to date and that the network is fulfilling their responsibilities


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