“My motto in life is – be kind, help each other grow and be true to who you are. As young, soon-to-be-veterinarians, I believe that we as veterinary students have a responsibility towards ourselves and towards each other. IVSA provides a platform for students to explore their potential, get inspired by others around them and make a difference on both a local and international level. Through IVSA, I have grown so much as person and if I can influence other people’s journeys in a positive manner then I have achieved my goal for this term.

Magda Jannasch 
IVSA President 2018-2019

Member Organizations



The International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) aims to improve the standard of veterinary education internationally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture. The mission of IVSA is to “benefit the animals and people of the world by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge”.

The way in which this is achieved is through our annual international events (congresses and symposia), facilitating exchanges between our members, endorsing events and projects on national and local levels, and many projects and educational opportunities focusing on animal welfare, one health, education, soft skills and wellness.

IVSA helps to expand the worldwide collaboration of over thirty thousand students, enriching their student experience and improving their skills as future veterinarians. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1951 and is also the largest veterinary student association in the world.


IVSA Exchange Program

On shaping the future of veterinarians, IVSA Exchange Program provides a network of active IVSA members that globally facilitate access to veterinary fields on a journey to explore veterinary medicine in different cultural and social backgrounds.

Congresses and Symposia

IVSA Congress and Symposium are held annually. Members gathered in one place to discuss the future of IVSA in General Assembly, the supreme decision making body of IVSA. Delegations also can feel veterinary medicine’s field in different culture around the world.


The Committees and Groups of IVSA are subordinate to the ExCo and ultimately to the General Assembly, and may be authorized to act on IVSA's behalf on certain issues with permission from either body.


IVSA’s Fund aim is to help and promote any project for members from IVSA Central Fund and / or third parties.

Member Organization’s Events and others

Having hundreds of active member organizations, we have done many activities to achieve IVSA’s mission. Let’s check our activities!

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[IVSA VetX Opportunity]   The VetX Graduate Community is a community that provides ongoing support, clinically and pastorally. It teaches soft skills that often don’t get taught at vet school.

[VetPD paid job offer]

[VetPD paid job offer]   VetPD is recruiting 1-2 vet students for temporary, paid, telemarketing role. This job opportunity will be first given to IVSA members. Please find more information below.

[BSAVA Congress Scholarship for International Students]

[BSAVA Congress Scholarship for International Students]   The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has kindly agreed in concordance with IVSA UK&I to provide scholarships for 2 final year students to receive free registration and £300 for travel expenses and accommodation in order to attend BSAVA Congress, 4th -7th April 2019. In addition, the selectedContinue reading “[BSAVA Congress Scholarship for International Students]”

Innovate 4 AMR

Dear IVSA members around the world! Are you interested in stopping Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR)? Winning a trip to Geneva to attend a 3-day workshop on AMR with collaboration with the WHO? If yes, Innovate4AMR is a perfect fit for you!   Innovate4AMR is an innovation challenge organized by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of PublicContinue reading “Innovate 4 AMR”

Vet4Pets Scholarship Programme

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