==WikiVet LIVE==

==WikiVet LIVE==

WikiVet LIVE! is the first ever FREE, LIVE, 24 hour, ONLINE e-learning event for veterinary students, nurses and vets around the world.

The 24 hour programme will be live on 10th March 2018, consisting of three 8-hour streams, coordinated by three time zone centres, each running from 9am – 5pm (local time):

GMT -8 (Eastern Stream)
GMT (Central Stream)
GMT+8 (Western Stream)

This conference is student-focused with a varied programme aiming to provide you access to world-class veterinary teaching from the comfort of your own computer. Many talks will be interactive and you’ll be able to ask the speakers questions during Q&A sessions as part of each talk.

Check out the jam-packed programme here:

WikiVet LIVE! and its partners are committed to supporting global veterinary education and addressing the challenge of accessibility of reliable, quality materials faced by poorly resourced schools, whilst responding to students’ changing needs for innovative learning resources.

The event is FREE, use the link below to register to be able to access the live stream on the 10th March 2018 – we can’t wait for you to join us!