VetX Thrive and Ambassador Program

The VetX Graduate Community is a community that provides ongoing support, clinically and pastorally. It teaches soft skills that often don’t get taught at vet school. The programme counts as CPD for graduate vets, and is an opportunity to be part of a global network of young thriving vets.

Within the course, there are core modules with one lecture every month, split into chunks to make it easy to absorb. There are rockstar sessions with speakers leading the way in their field, like Dr. Gerardo Poli, and Dr. Mary Gardner. And if that’s not enough, we also have live monthly mentoring sessions across three time zones, where you can speak to our awesome mentors and get the support you need! It’s pretty cool!

VetX has a closed Facebook group where VetX Community interacts, discussing problems and challenges they might be facing. VetX gives each other support and advice, and celebrate together when people start achieving their goals.

VetX was set up by Dr. Dave Nicol in response to a high number of young vets leaving their first job within 12 weeks, the lack of happiness within the profession, and to help tackle the issues that veterinarians face today. Dr. Dave graduated from Glasgow, has worked successfully in the profession for 20 years, owning and running his own hospitals in the UK and Australia. He regularly speaks at conferences around the world, coaches people individually and produces a monthly podcast, ‘Blunt Dissection’. That’s a long way of saying he is passionate about helping vets thrive in their career, navigate the challenges and stay happy working in the profession!


VetX:Thrive is an educational program where veterinarians learn and master the essential non-clinical skills required for a successful career in practice. With access to online training, toolkits, live coaching and a global community; our members have access to everything they need to build a happy and healthy life in veterinary medicine.

As a member of the Thrive community, you will benefit from learning the non-clinical skills required to operate in the real world. You’ll also gain access to tools, worksheets and exercises to help build your confidence, resilience and tenacity (the magic threesome that is required to master this job). Finally, you’ll have access to the most caring, and experienced mentors in the world of veterinary medicine. People who genuinely care about you and the future of the profession. When you combine these elements and do the work, your career is going to change rapidly for the better. You’ll become more fulfilled, you’ll master your craft faster and you’ll be worth more to your practice (aka your salary will improve).

For the 10% discount for IVSA members, please let it known that they can use this code: ivsa10

We want you to be our VetX Student Ambassadors!

VetX is proud to announce that the student ambassador program is now enrolling. If you believe that you are a dedicated and driven vet then sign up to apply today. You will receive a free membership to VetX Thrive, a VetX brand pack and the status of being a shining beacon in our community. In return, student ambassadors will be asked to write three blogs about their experiences in the vet world, a social post about VetX per month, a video testimonial about VetX and to network in your community to spread the word of VetX:Thrive.

VetX wants to give the opportunity to ten members of IVSA who are 4th or 5th year students to become members of the VetX Community.

As well as VetX, we have an open FB group that you are welcome to check out called ‘So You’re A Vet… Now What?’ You can find Dr Dave across social media as @drdave

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the ambassador form by clicking here now!

In your application, please make it clear which organisation you are representing and state that you are applying via IVSA.