Updates on 65th IVSA Symposium (Withdrawal and New Hosts)

Dear family,
Today I am contacting you to inform you of the situation regarding the 65th IVSA Symposium. Due to recent events, the Organizing Committee felt that it was in the best interest of the whole IVSA family to withdraw as hosts of the 65th IVSA Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey.
We have all felt for our friends in Turkey during the attacks that have been happening over the last year and we continue to send them our support and best wishes. Please take some time to read the letter attached to this email that was sent by Anil Türer, IVSA President and Murat Koray Tekin, President of the Organizing Committee. The letter can be found here: Letter of Withdrawal-IVSA Istanbul
According to our bylaws, in case of a cancellation, the Executive Committee of the term of the Symposium is in charge of making sure a ‘Special General Assembly‘ is organized. This means that the ExCo elected at the Congress next week will be ‘organizing’ a Symposium. But they can’t do it alone!
Therefore, we are looking for a host for the next IVSA Symposium!
This ‘Special General Assembly’ in the form a Symposium, will be slightly different and will have more flexible criteria. All decisions about location, fee and dates have to be made together with the ExCo.
Date: The symposium can be held anywhere between 1st December 2016 – 31st March 2017
Duration: The symposium should last anywhere between 5 and 7 nights
Fee: The recommendation is € 300,- and you should keep in mind that it will be difficult to find a lot of sponsors on a short term
Delegates #: The minimum # of delegates is 100
As you can see, these are extraordinary circumstances and we will work closely together with the new Organizing Committee to make sure that we can host a successful Symposium!
How to apply to be the host for the next IVSA Symposium?
The deadline and the application form will be made available on Monday on the “EO/President Facebook Group” and on the IVSA website.
For more general information about organizing a symposium, please click here! Keep in mind that this will be a ‘Special General Assembly’ Symposium and some of the ‘rules’ will be more flexible.
If you are interested in hosting the Symposium and you’re wondering what would be a good date, your local EO/President would have received the ‘Calendar Project‘ that will show you what dates students have exams worldwide.
If you’re interested in hosting, or if you have any questions please contact the Member Organization Director, Ann-Katrin at mod@ivsa.org