Upcoming Congress News

 69th IVSA Congress in Greece

15-26 JULY 2020

Discover the VETitterranean World in 69th IVSA Congress in Greece.

Starting at Thessaloniki and ending at Volos, the delegates will get to visit two different locations in Greece for a complete experience. The program is perfectly balanced between vet-related activities and time to relax while discovering the Greek landscapes and culture.

Post-congress will be held in Athens (capital) and a Greek island. More details coming soon.

While you will be taking to the skies and driving across Europe, some of the craziest Greeks will be waiting for you. Looking rather fresh and thrilled even after months of organizing, we are all be looking forward to a handful of days full of activities and exploration in Greece. Apart from the eternal sunshine the country is blessed with and the world-class cultural attractions, the country has amazing traditional cuisine which you will have the opportunity to taste during your stay.

As such a sun-soaked destination, rich in history and attractions of both the ancient and the modern world, Greece is expected to attract a large number of delegates to the 69th IVSA Congress. Perhaps it may sound like a cliché, but an event such as that will certainly blow your mind.

Experiences like this are innumerable, but each of them once taught us the same thing – the world has innumerable perspectives, and it can be viewed from innumerable lenses.

And you! Don’t forget! Travelling gives you a lot more than you would have gotten if you had simply stayed back. Most of all, it can show you that some things, like love and friendship, are truly universal.

Lets’ meet again.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Irene Antypa, Secretary of 69th IVSA Congress OC

Effie Palivou, Secretary of 69th IVSA Congress OC