The AFSCAN Scientific Research Grants and Scholarship Grants

Ladies and gentlemen,

THE AFSCAN Scientific Research Grants and Studentship Grants

The first call for the AFSCAN Scientific Research Grant and the AFSCAN Studentship Grant is now open. Please read the terms and conditions below and in order to apply use the application forms provided at .

The African Small Companion Animal Network (AFSCAN), run by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Foundation, one of our partners, supports the growth of scientific activities focused on Companion Animals in AFSCAN member countries. Their aim is to raise the standards of veterinary care in Sub-Saharan Africa by first enhancing the education of veterinarians, as well as facilitate the creation of a sustainable network of companion animal veterinary associations and specialist groups.

One of the opportunities offered is the AFSCAN Studentship Grants, which would enable African undergraduate veterinary students to participate during their last two years of study in a research project in a laboratory that is related to diseases and companion animal welfare relevant to African society.

Another one is the AFSCAN Research Grants, aimed at African academics working at veterinary schools in AFSCAN-participating countries, seeking to secure funding for a clinical research project of their own devising.

In the first round of applications (closing date is December 31, 2015), there will be offered up to 5 AFSCAN Studentship Grants for 2016! (For the Research Grants, AFSCAN offers one US$10,000 grant, and two further US$5,000 grants for the selected projects.) For more information on the project and how to apply, please go to .