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Standing Committee on Animal Welfare

IVSA Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) intends to address one of the IVSA’s main objectives; to actively support measures of improving the standard of animal welfare worldwide. SCAW aims to engage veterinary students on an international scale to increase levels of awareness and education about animal welfare and work towards creating a world in which animal welfare is maintained to the highest standards and animals and humans can live in harmony; whilst also preserving the environment.


Create partnerships with organisations protecting Animal Welfare

Promote international and local organisations involved in Animal Welfare

Organise animal welfare workshops, lectures, webinars, etc. at IVSA events or separately

Encourage and support local MO’s to organise animal welfare events

Create our Animal Welfare Journal and write articles for other relevant IVSA journals and newsletters

Provide sources of information and knowledge on Animal Welfare

Create places of training on Animal Welfare for veterinary students

Inform students on Animal Welfare opportunities and work with international organisations to create further opportunities

Work with other Standing Committees of IVSA on shared issues and goals


Animal Welfare Week

During the week 23rd-29th of March (2020), SCAW encourages Member Organisations around the world to organise animal welfare events in their local communities.

SCAW helps members organise these events and relays them through their social media to help promote all the different initiatives worldwide. We promote and encourage veterinarians and veterinary students alike to pursue local efforts to improve animal welfare in their communities. The aim of this week is to foster debate and thought about animal welfare issues, whether it be inside veterinary schools or in collaboration with outside organisations - or even the general public.

Week in Welfare

The SCAW Publications Team works hard to raise awareness on important animal welfare issues worldwide by regularly posting short articles on the social media channels. SCAW has covered topics from brachycephalic dogs to welfare of zoo animals to commercial whaling.

SCAW aims to promote discussion among veterinary students internationally as well as highlight animal welfare issues that veterinarians of the future need to tackle.

Animal Welfare Toolkit

You've always wanted to organize something to promote animal welfare, but you don't feel like you know quite enough about the subject? Well rejoice, because soon you can access our animal welfare toolkit, a summary of the basic principles of animal welfare: based entirely off of scientific studies, this toolkit summarizes the essential points of defining, protecting and promoting animal welfare, from generalities to species-specific characteristics.

Coming to you soon!

3rd Animal Welfare Conference in Malaysia

28th-30th of August, 2020

Set this year in Selangor, Malaysia, SCAW's Animal Welfare Conference is a biennial (every two years) event bringing together veterinary students across the world around the topic of animal welfare. It is an opportunity to hear lectures about multiple aspects of animal welfare, take part in interactive workshops around animal welfare, and most importantly get to meet like-minded vet students from all horizons. During a three-day-weekend, all participants are in a safe space to debate and question the world around us, with the hope that new ideas and solutions will emerge from the brainstorming. If this sounds like it might interest you, save the date and get ready for Malaysia!

SCAW Ambassadors

The ambassadors serve as a connection between SCAW and the Member Organisations. They keep the committee updated on any animal welfare related activities and events held in their university or any current animal welfare issues that are discussed in their university or community. In turn, SCAW – through the ambassador manager – will inform the ambassadors of projects or opportunities organised by SCAW or IVSA, as well as relay and promote the events organised by these MOs through social media. 

SCAW Ambassadors can organise animal welfare events themselves, such as the  annual Animal Welfare Week. These events can include lectures by local or international specialists, quizzes and scavenger hunts to engage other students and to improve their awareness of SCAW, IVSA or animal welfare topics overall. SCAW supports the ambassadors in these efforts. The ambassadors may write articles for the SCAW blog about animal welfare issues that they are interested in or by interviewing a specialist from their local community.

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Committee Structure

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