State of Global Animal Health – Request for pictures for a global report

Dear Members of IVSA,

WVA and HealthforAnimals share an important priority to increase knowledge and understanding of animal health and animal welfare issues not only among stakeholders and decision-makers, but also to the wide public as animal health affects the health and well-being of humans. In this regards, WVA and HealthforAnimals are producing a report entitled “The State of Global Animal Health” on the global status of animal health (focusing on the main trends affecting global animal health, animal disease developments in different world regions and the main trends in preventive and treatments of animal diseases).

WVA and HealthforAnimals started the design process and are searching for picture/images from different world regions. The feeling of the images should be real, showing people and animals together wherever possible.

WVA and HealthforAnimals would like kindly to ask you to provide us with picture of:

– animals in transport

– farm and companion animals in real settings

– animals and people (vets, farmers etc.)

Please send the picture/s to our Secretary General at by 10 October 2016. The picture/s shall be accompanied by an authorization to use the picture/s by the photographer/association.

Thank you in advance for your kind contributions to the WVA/HealthforAnimals report on the State of Global Animal Health and I am looking forward to receiving your pictures.

Best regards,


Dr. Zeev Noga
Veterinary Policy Officer

Here are some example Pictures: