About Vetstream

Veterinary practices in the UK are undergoing the fastest period of change in their history. Price-conscious clients with ever higher expectations and increased competition from both independent practices and corporate groups are upping the stakes.

To survive and to thrive practices must adopt new approaches and embrace new technologies to:

  • boost productivity
  • build client loyalty
  • fight off competitive challenges

That’s where Vetstream can help

“We have been working closely within the veterinary industry for more than fifteen years and understand the pressures of practice life. Based on our experience we have created a range of services, harnessing new technologies to support veterinary staff in their clinical work and helping practices market themselves effectively in order to build successful businesses.”

Benefits of Vetstream

A unique expert resource at your fingertips, containing content which:

  • Is trusted, updated and reviewed by more than 900 of the world’s leading veterinarians
  • Helps you lead the way in clinical practice and provide a consistently high standard of veterinary care
  • Saves time and money by speeding-up critical decision-making and reducing the need for referrals
  • Improves communication and trust with your clients

The Vetlexicon community comprises veterinarians, clinical and management staff globally. Its content is accessed more than a million times every year and our subscribers tell us that 80% of the practice team regularly uses its content to improve the quality of care offered to their patients.

IVSA Collaboration

Vetstream issued a press release in December 2015 regarding their collaboration with IVSA. This press release can be read below:

Vetstream Announces Support for IVSA-2-page0001

Vetstream Announces Support for IVSA-2-page0002


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