Hill’s is the Exclusive Diamond Sponsor of IVSA and we are working together towards better veterinary education and care worldwide.

One of the ways in which Hill’s and IVSA are empowering the future generations of veterinarians is through the Hill’s webinars, which are currently focusing on feline lower urinary tract disease.

To find out more about the webinars, visit http://hillsevents.eu/ or the Facebook page of Hill’s events.

To find out more about Hill’s, visit http://hillspet.com.

Hill’s Press Release 2012-2013

Hill’s Press Release 2013-2014


Help IVSA get 1200 VNA3 completions in order to earn 5000 Euros for a Student Exchange Fund from Hill’s that will be awarded to the best MO at IVSA Congress – Austria, 2016! Criteria for best MO will include the MO with the largest percentage of VNA3 completions. Stay tuned for updates!” 

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Help IVSA get 1200 VNA3 completions by July 31, 2016 in order to earn 5000 Euros for a Student Exchange Fund from Hill’s that will be awarded to the bet MO. Criteria for the best MO has been decided and is as follows: 

“1. Size of MO and local IVSA chapters – since we have varying sizes of IVSA chapters we will divide MOs into 3 categories (small, medium, and large) similar to how IVSA decides on amount of dues owed. Within these categories, we will consider the MOs with the largest percentage of VNA3 course completions. This will be the biggest determining factor of choosing the top 3 MOs. 

2. The top chapter from each of the 3 size categories will have to write a proposal as to how they plan to use the money from the exchange fund. This allows IVSA and Hill’s to ensure the money from Hill’s is used appropriately, and help us understand where the financial need is for funding exchanges. 

The 5000 Euros will be divided equally between the top 3 MOs and will only be distributed to the chapters after a proposal is received. 

3.  MOs and local chapters will need to prove how they promote VNA3 within their organizations. ExCo will take into account the organizations that are most active and creative with their advertisements this will only be taken into account at the event of a close tie”   




Hill’s & VNA3 link :  http://www.hillsvet.co.uk/ 

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