Federation of European Companion

Animal Veterinary Association (FECAVA)

History of FECAVA:

FECAVA originated at the companion animal veterinarian practitioner meeting in Bienne (Biel), Switzerland. The group was initially called the European Harmonisation Committee, and FECAVA was officially founded on 12th of May 1990.

Mission Statement:

The organisation has no profit motive and was created in order to:
 promote the role of the veterinarian in promoting the health and well-being of companion animals.

 take part in the general activities of the FVE and the UEVP as well as decision making procedures, including the General Meeting.

 take part in the implementation of the chosen strategy regarding the position of companion animal veterinarians in Europe.

 take part in relevant FVE and UEVP working groups.

 advise these working groups and comment on the documents produced.

 get involved in FVE’s production of position papers, flyers and brochures aimed at other stakeholders, policy makers or the general public in the field of companion animal veterinarians.

 take part in European forums in the field of companion animal veterinarians.

 lobby for influence on a European level in order to defend the positioning of companion animal veterinarians.

 improve animal welfare in Europe through action on regulations.

 represent all European veterinarians involved in activities with animals that have an impact on human activity, actively promote the role of the companion animal veterinarian in public health.

 promote higher standards for companion animal welfare.

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