VetX:Thrive is an educational program where veterinarians learn and master the essential non-clinical skills required for a successful career in practice. With access to online training, toolkits, live coaching and a global community; our members have access to everything they need to build a happy and healthy life in veterinary medicine.

VetX is proud to announce that the student ambassador program is now enrolling. If you believe that you are a dedicated and driven vet then sign up to apply today. You will receive a free membership to VetX Thrive, a VetX brand pack and the status of being a shining beacon in our community. In return, student ambassadors will be asked to write three blogs about their experiences in the vet world, a social post about VetX per month, a video testimonial about VetX and to network in your community to spread the word of VetX:Thrive.

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As a member of the Thrive community, you will benefit from learning the non-clinical skills required to operate in the real world. You’ll also gain access to tools, worksheets and exercises to help build your confidence, resilience and tenacity (the magic threesome that is required to master this job). Finally, you’ll have access to the most caring, and experienced mentors in the world of veterinary medicine. People who genuinely care about you and the future of the profession. When you combine these elements and do the work, your career is going to change rapidly for the better. You’ll become more fulfilled, you’ll master your craft faster and you’ll be worth more to your practice (aka your salary will improve).

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