Annual Congresses and Symposia


IVSA holds annual congresses (July/August) and symposia (December/January). During these events the General Assembly (GA) is brought together, deciding the future of IVSA. Next to this there are also cultural events, the IVSA Development Fund (DF) auction, various lectures and workshops, and lively networking among the future vets around the world at these events.

The hosts of the annual congresses and symposia are elected by the GA two annual meetings in advance (1.5 years).

Past Congresses

58th  Poland, 2009

59th  Denmark, 2010

60th  South Korea, 2011

61st  Norway, 2012

62nd The Netherlands, 2013

63rd Indonesia, 2014

64th Romania, 2015

65th Austria, 2016

66th Malaysia, 2017

67th Poland, 2018

Past Symposia

58th  Grenada, 2010

59th  Slovenia, 2011

60th  Serbia, 2011

61st South Africa, 2013

62nd Turkey, 2014

63rd UK & Ireland, 2015

64th Taiwan, 2016

Special GA, Raleigh, USA 2017

66th South Africa, 2018

67th South Korea, 2019

Upcoming Congresses

68th Croatia, 2019

69th Greece, 2020

Upcoming Symposia

68th Morocco, 2020