Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) Internship

The position is open for all European veterinary students / recent graduates, with a preference for final years / recent graduates as they will be able to get most out of the internship.

The intern will allow all the day-to-day work of FVE such as following dedicated working groups on medicines or animal welfare, support us with communication (website, social media), preparation meetings and preparation dossiers. Basically, she/he will be a full member of our 5 person team. Depending on her/his interest, a specific dossier can also be chosen and followed. Some interns used this as part of their thesis. For example, previous interns worked on veterinarians in remote areas, health and safety of veterinarians, Q-fever, religious slaughter, welfare during animal transport, preventive veterinary visits, etc. We try to give the intern a good understanding of how Europe works, how European Union legislation is made and the different European legislation that covers the profession. We try to take our interns with us to meetings within the Commission, the European Parliament and meetings within the federation.

We offer 800€/month to cover travel and accommodation. The internship position is in the FVE office, but the intern will have to search for accommodation in Brussels. We can put a future intern in contact with previous interns for more information on accommodation and the internship.

A place is available from September 2020 or from January 2021. We ask interns to stay at least 3 months, 4-6 months is even better. Summer period is not good, as there are hardly any meetings during summer.

Applications will have to be done by sending a motivation letter and CV to Nancy De Briyne (nancy@fve.org) and will be open until the 15th of July 2020 for the September position and until the 15th of November for the January internship.

For more information on FVE, visit www.fve.org/