Fear Free Opportunities for IVSA Members

Fear Free provide complimentary registration for students in DVM, technician, and assistant programs.

Brief overview of the membership: It’s required an annual renewal for each individual to maintain their certification and membership.  As long as an individual is a student, they will continue to receive free membership, they just need to re-submit a new student application each year before renewing so we can track and confirm they are still enrolled.  You can find more information about the membership here.

Brief overview of the certification course: It is worth 9 hours of CE and takes around that time to complete.  It is 8 modules long with a 20 question quiz at the end of each module that you must receive 80% or better in order to move forward.  The course covers concepts and techniques that would be implemented in practice to help alleviate fear and anxiety in pets.  This can include handling, approach, and restraint techniques or can provide insight to products that can assist in making the experience less stressful, like non-slip flooring (yoga mats), pheromones, and treats.  You can find more information about the course here.

Each individual student will be required to complete the Student Application, in which they will receive an email with instructions on how to register for free.  Please feel free to share this with all IVSA members!  We would love to be able to provide this education to them for free while they are still students!  Once graduated, we will require an annual renewal fee (at this point, most clinics will provide a CE budget).


Fear Free customer service email for more information wags@fearfreepets.com