End Rabies Together

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Dear Friends, Family, and Partners

September 28 is World Rabies Day and we’re hoping you’ll support it by spreading the word to your colleagues, members, and networks. Our theme this year is End Rabies Together.

World Rabies Day is a unique opportunity for all the people and organizations working in rabies prevention to join forces and with one voice share the message that we can End Rabies Together.


Holding a World Rabies Day event

World Rabies Day is the only global education and awareness campaign for rabies. It encourages people to get involved, be informed, and stay safe and healthy by organising or participating in an event in their community.

Any activity that promotes rabies prevention in some way qualifies as a World Rabies Day event. It can vary from holding an awareness session for children to doing a mass vaccination campaign – see examples of other events around the world here.

And we urge you to make sure events are registered. Registration ensures that events are promoted through the GARC platform (through the website, social media and communications) and recognized by others as part of the global movement.


Registration of events should take no more than two minutes: register here


Rabies Educator Certificate

Those actively working to improve awareness can sign up for the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC). This free online course equips candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to communicate with at-risk communities about rabies prevention accurately and effectively.

An awareness session based on the REC is an ideal World Rabies Day event.


Registration for the REC is free: register here


Last year World Rabies Day registered 260 individual events from 48 different countries. Please join and help make this World RabiesDay bigger and better still.


Thank you and best wishes.

Let’s End Rabies Together

In alliance with The World Rabies Day Team

Global Alliance for Rabies Control


Quick links

Guidelines, logos, and resources for event organizers to use are at https://rabiesalliance.org/world-rabies-day/event-resources/

Rabies Educator Certificate

World Rabies Day event registration


Also, here is a link to the Global One Health Challenge for last year, just so that you have some ideas on what can be done!
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