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Announcements & News

25th of September, 2020

Updated Announcement on International IVSA Events

Dear members of IVSA,

Since our first notice regarding COVID-19, the situation has changed immensely, and will continue to change  moving forward. We also recognize that the situation not only varies from region to region, but also from country to country, and even from city to city. Therefore, we will no longer be cancelling or discouraging (inter)national travel and events.
However, we do strongly encourage our members to follow national and international guidelines, as well as WHO recommendations, to limit disease spread. As veterinary students, it is our responsibility to use our knowledge on disease transmission, as well as our common sense, in the current circumstances. This means that limiting the spread of the disease should always remain as the number one priority.
We will  continue to evaluate  the situation and  ensure our website is kept up-to-date if and when we change our advice, so please continually check for updates. We understand this pandemic has already impacted many  IVSA members and will likely impact many more in the times to come. However, we believe we can still keep the IVSA spirit alive and well, even if this spirit is shared online rather than in person. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Executive Committee.

The IVSA Executive Committee 2020-2021


17th of September, 2020

Announcement of the 69th IVSA Symposium (Special General Assembly)

Dear IVSA Members,

We are very sorry to announce that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IVSA Indonesia will no longer be able to host the 69th IVSA Symposium that was supposed to take place in January 2021. With this decision, the next international event will take the form of a Special General Assembly (SGA). The ExCo is considering the option of an in-person event, with additional online attendance. As such, we have opened applications for a host for the SGA. There benefits by having an in-person event – even if it must be adapted to global COVID-19 restrictions – are irreplaceable.

Information on how to apply to host the SGA can be found here.

We recognize that COVID-19 is an ongoing threat. It is essential for us to take into consideration all health and safety risks associated with a physical IVSA Global event. Since the situation is currently still unpredictable, we will be re-evaluating the situation at multiple points in time. In the event the ExCo believes the in-person event to be a threat to the health of the members or their families, they reserve the right to move the event completely online.

The MOD is inviting as much discussion around this matter as you would like, so that together, we can work on the best way forward that will allow for us to continue to thrive as IVSA, but also to protect all our members. We are doing our best and know that would not be possible without your input!

If you have any concerns and/or questions, please feel free to contact the Member Organization Director at

The IVSA Executive Committee 2020-2021

Committee Projects

#One Health

Covid-19 Live Streams

Live Streams on Instagram from Member Organizations around the world explaining the situation in their countries. 

Covid-19 Infographic

Informative infographic about what the Covid-19 is, how it is transmitted and how to prevent it.

Veterinary Public Health Journal

The newest edition of the Veterinary Public Health Journal higlights the theme of "The Global Threat of Infectious Diseases Outbreak". Stay tuned to IVSA SCOH's social media pages for announcement of the journal!


Wellness Week
Goes Online!

From the 6th to 12th April 2020 be sure to take part in our Wellness Week 2020 online challenges for a productive and fun week!

Study with Me Sessions

Study together with fellow IVSA members in this online study session! It can also be a hobby and discussion session where we have lots of fun together!

Movie Marathon

Take part in this movie marathob together with fellow IVSA members, online!

#Veterinary Education

#Animal Welfare

Infographic for Presentation Recording

A step-by-step guide on presentation recording using Microsoft Powerpoint for Distant Learning!

Covid-19 Infographic

Infographic on What Covid-19 is, the disease' transmission and prevention.

Coronavirus vs Animals Article

Day 5 of Animal Welfare Week features a short article titled "Coronavirus vs Animals". Check it out by clicking the title above!