Contact Information

Executive Committee

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Anna Ciećkiewicz

Our President directs the work of the Executive Committee, supervises the work of the Secretariat, and presides as the general representative of IVSA in all public affairs. 



External Relations Officer

Yuri Victor Calvo

The External Relations Officer (ERO) is in charge of all partnership and sponsorship related matters.



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Secretary General

Nelson Achong

The Secretary General (SG) is responsible for the taking and archiving of minutes of ExCo meetings and GAs of Congresses and Symposia. The SG is also in charge of overseeing the Secretariat and responsible for making sure that it runs efficiently.


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Innina Mananguit

The responsibilities of the Treasurer include handling all financial transactions of IVSA and managing the budget of IVSA.  


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Develoment Aid Director

Adnane Imghi

The Development Aid Director (DAD) is responsible for directing the finances of the Development Fund and managing development fund projects such as the IVSA Scholarship Grant.


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Member Organisation Director

Gabriel de Assis Duarte

The Member Organisation Director (MOD) acts as the main liaison between IVSA Global and the members of IVSA. For any matters regarding Member Organizations (MO) of IVSA including exchange programs, please contact our MOD. 


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Public Relations Coordinator

Maulida Salsabila

The main role of the Public Relations Coordinator (PRC) is to facilitate internal and external communication and to increase public awareness of IVSA. For matters relating to website, social media, and official email management of IVSA Global, don’t hesitate to contact our PRC.


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Committee Coordinator

Luregn von Planta

The Committee Coordinator (CC) serves as the primary contact between the Committees and ExCo, external partners, and the other respective Committees. Responsible for developing initial contacts and directing them to the appropriate Committee. Please contact our CC for any matters relating to the Standing Committees and Working Group of IVSA.


Committee Chairs

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Chair of Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW)

Ashley Nicole Delmar

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Chair of Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE)

Viktoria Hirschhofer

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Chair of Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH)

Suwaibatul Annisa

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Chair of Standing Committee on Wellness (SCoW)

Juan Paulo Galinato

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Chair of Alumni Network

Lisa Buren

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Chair of Standing Committee on Career Attributes (SCoCA)

Jade Li Lapa

Regional Representatives

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Representative of Europe

Thessa van Duinen

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Representative of Americas

Amanda Gimenez

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Representative of MENA 

(Middle East and North Africa)

Yosra Dkhil

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Representative of Asia

Nidhi Khavnekar

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Representative of Sub-saharan Africa

Damilare Paul Dosunmu