Committee Applications New Term 2019-2020

It’s the start of the new term, and so applications for staff of committees are now (September 1st, 2019) open! See below for application details of all standing committees (SCOH, SCAW, SCoW, SCoVE, SCoCA) and the Working Group on Alumni.

Application Links

Standing Committee on One Health

Committee Positions

Project Manager (3 people)

  • Responsible for global campaigns and collaborations with other global organizations
  • Need to be creative

Publications Team (3 people)

  • Writing and collecting articles, editing, designing, and releasing Veterinary Public Health Journal
  • Needs to be competent in writing in English
  • Good to be proficient in inDesign

Secretary/Webmaster (1 person)

  • Publishing and sharing articles on social media
  • Taking minutes during meetings

OIE Ambassador Coordinators (3 people)

  • Constant communication with OIE Ambassadors
  • In charge of point system for ambassadors

Graphic Designer (2 people)

  • Makes promotional materials
  • High level of proficiency in inDesign

YouTube Creators (2 people)

  • Monthly creating One Health videos for SCOH YouTube channel
  • Need to be good in speaking English and Youtube

Applications close at September 7th (close at GMT 11:59PM)
Application link:
Contact: Andreas Pappas (SCOH Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook page: @thescoh

Standing Committee on Animal Welfare

Committee Positions

  1. PUBLICATIONS TEAM (4 people)
    This team is vital to SCAW’s work. A lot of our work is writing articles and running our social media channels. This team is made up of 3 roles (and 4 people):
  • Website manager (1 person)
    This role involves updating the content of IVSA’s website regularly with information on SCAW’s projects, educational material etc., as well as writing articles for our blog. Mastering the platforms is not required at this stage, as IVSA Global’s Publications Team will work closely with the website manager when it comes to technical details. Being creative and good at design is beneficial for this role.
  • Social media manager (2 people)
    This year we would really like to continue to increase our social media presence to engage with more people and organisations, so we aim to have two social media managers in order to ensure we keep an active page.This role would involve managing our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages; sharing content to our followers regularly (several times a week). Good knowledge of how to use these platforms is essential. Keeping an eye out for the world news and reactivity are also crucial.
  • Journal Creator (1 person)
    The IVSA Journal is a way for IVSA Global to share what IVSA (including SCAW) does amongst its members. The person in this role would be responsible for creating our journal. We will aim to produce 4 of these (one for every term) next year. This role requires good graphic design skills and previous editorial experience would be beneficial (though not necessary).

Our Publications Team is also in charge of the ‘Week in Welfare’ posts. Each week we produce a short article on an animal welfare topic and post it on our Facebook page. These aim to create awareness of these issues and generate discussions on these topics. They require research of the topic and to ensure that what we publish is from a reliable and accurate source. The Publications Team would also be required to write articles for the SCAW Journal and other journals (such as SCOH’s Veterinary Public Health Journal), together.

The Ambassador Manager will act as the main point of contact for the Ambassadors and will answer any queries they may have, support them in coordinating Animal Welfare events in their local area and collate any information which they may have on internships/externships/symposiums within their region. This year we are aiming to expand our network of Animal Welfare Ambassadors, and in this role you will be helping to support this growth, as well as coming up with new and innovative ways to involve them in our work. The Ambassador Manager will need to keep our Ambassadors up to date by sending regular emails, and this will require time all year round : good organizational skills are necessary.

3. PROJECT MANAGER (1 person)
Currently our main project is Animal Welfare Week but we are looking to collaborate with other IVSA Committees and external organisations in the upcoming year. The main responsibility will be helping to ensure good planning for our Animal Welfare Week, and helping to create new projects to further the work of SCAW. This role will require good communication skills and someone with innovative ideas for new projects.

This person will be responsible for creating new educational material for the website, help to create the SCAW Journal if need be, write/help writing Position Statements and finding possible Memorandum of Understandings regarding animal welfare issues for IVSA as a whole. In particular, we hope to finish our
Animal Welfare Toolkit (material to help MOs create animal welfare-related events) this term. Good graphic design skills for this role is beneficial.

Applications close at September 15th (close at GMT 11:59 PM)
Application link:

Don’t forget to also send a motivation letter (max. 1 A4 page in 12 pt font) to to complement your application.
Looking forward to working with all of you! 🧡
Contact: Laure Chevalier (SCAW Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook page: @animalwelfareivsa

Standing Committee on Wellness

  • The Secretary/PR [1 position] will be responsible for the Committee’s presence in the social media, keeping minutes in our meetings and providing a helping hand to every other member of the committee when needed.
  • The Mentor-Mentee program [2 positions] is a system SCOW invented to pair one final-year or graduate student with a student still in study. The idea is that these two individuals stay in touch and the mentor offers help, tips and tricks on how to survive vet school and support to their mentee. The people who apply for the position for the Mentor-Mentee program shall create the forms for the mentors and mentees, select a mentor for each mentee and make sure they stay in contact during the year.
  • The Wellness Toolkit Editors [2 positions] will be in charge of finding and/or writing articles, wellness tips, interviews etc. and update the committee’s wellness toolkit which can be found in our website. Must have knowledge of how to manage a website.
  • The Graphics’ Designer [2 positions] will cooperate with all other members of this team and will be responsible for the committee’s posters, article outlines, for the website’s outer image and any other promotional material the committee may need. Must be good in design and good photoshop skills are preferred.
  • The Project Managers [2 positions] will be responsible for the committee’s new projects, the communication with the different MOs, the committee’s global campaigns and the Wellness Week. They need to be creative.

Applications close at September 15th (close at GMT 11:59PM)
Application link:
Contact: Katherina Kokkinidou (SCoW Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook page: @ivsawellness

Standing Committee on Veterinary Education

  1. Secretary (1 person)
  • Making meeting minutes for every SCoVE meeting
  • In charge of SCoVE’s social media pages
  • Responsible for handling documents as directed by Chair
  • Carry out administrative assignments as directed by Chair

2. SCoVE Ambassador Manager (2 people):

  • Keep contact with SCoVE ambassadors
  • Organize meetings with ambassadors together with the Chairperson
  • Ensure visibility of ambassador’s activities

3. SCoVE Online Manager (2 people):

  • Update EDU+ site regularly
  • Create VPM site
  • Update SCoVE Committee page with the ChairpersonHandle SCoVE’s online assets and troubleshoot when necessary
  • Handle SCoVE partners’ update at either ends when necessary (together with Chair)

4. SCoVE Survey and Research (3 people):

  • Create survey questionnaires
  • Collect and process survey data
  • Make survey presentation together with the Chair
  • Set up Workshop together with the Chair
  • Generate educative content together with Chair for use within and/or outside SCoVE
  • Source for educational materials

5. Graphics Manager (1 person):

  • Responsible for the design of SCoVE Journal
  • Responsible for all graphics work related to SCoVE activities/programs such as quizzes and so on
  • Responsible graphics relating to SCoVE and partners, this strictly as directed by Chair

6. SCoVE official member (1 person):

  • Work on various SCoVE projects

Every SCoVE member:

  • Attend SCoVE meetings
  • Share your ideas
  • Stay in contact with one another
  • Help each other out when necessary
  • Stay passionate and have fun!

All members applying to be a part of SCoVE team must possess relevant skills and experience(s) required for the position they apply for. The following skills will also be of much desire; teamwork, efficient organizational skills, creativity, open mindedness and effective communication skills.

Applications close at September 15th (close at GMT 11:59PM)
Application link:
Contact: Dauda Onawola (SCoVE Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook page: @thescove


Standing Committee on Career Attributes



SCoCA is the newest IVSA Committee! The main focus of the Committee are the so-called “soft skills”; skills that are not tied to one specific field of expertise, but can be applied to any or all aspects of life. Along with them, the “Trainers’ Network”; a group of students around the world capable of training others in soft skills. For our first year, we will try to solidify these concepts in IVSA structure and set a strong foundation for the next Committees to build and expand.

  1. Secretary (1 person)
    As the Committee Secretary you will
    ● Keep the minutes during Committee meetings
    ● Be in charge of the Committee’s social media pages
  2. Trainers’ Network Managers (2-3 people):
    As a Trainers’ Network Manager, you will have to stay in contact with the trainers and
    ● Keep an updated record of trainers and their activities
    ● Organise the resources available to trainers
    ● Be available for any problems or questions regarding the Network
  3. TNT Coordinators (2-3 people):
    As a TNT Coordinator you will be responsible for the organisation of “Training New Trainers” (TNT) events, the events which will prepare the next generation of soft skills trainers. As part of your duties, you will have to
    ● Find the place, time and trainers for the events
    ● Pick the topics that will be presented during the events
    ● Be in constant communication with the Organising Committee of the events
  4. Graphic Designer (1 person)
    As this document proves, the current Committee Chair lacks both aesthetic and design skills.
    The job of the Graphic Designer will be to:
    ● Design the Committee’s promotional material
    ● Create graphics for social media and other online platforms

Applications close at September 15th (close at GMT 11:59PM)
Application link:
Contact: Georgios Kotsadam (SCoCA Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook: @SCoCA


Working Group on Alumni

I’m looking for a team of 3-4 reliable, passionate and motivated team to continue to run and shape the alumni network. If you are a organised, motivated person, with experience in event organisation , IVSA knowledge and enough spare time to give to the cause please apply for one of the following roles:

● Publications Relations Manager
Handles all the social media(Facebook page, Instagram channel, potential you tube account) and also produces a monthly newsletter to our members

● Application Manager
Takes care of the applications for official registration as an Alumnus (singular), and the processing of all coinciding relevant provided data, to be used as resources by the WGA and the Alumni Network

● Event Manager
Promotes, facilitates, manages and initiates the different events for or by the Alumni.

● Postgraduate database manager
Begins work on setting up the database for postgraduate opportunities.

Anyone can apply; whether you’re still a student* or already graduated, have held an official position within IVSA or not – motivation and time is the key factor here! So if you are interested in helping establishing a great alumni network, please do not hesitate to apply.
*If you’re still a student, you have to be a member of IVSA to apply.

Applications close at September 15th (close at GMT 11:59PM)
Application link:
Contact: Tavishi Pandya (WGA Chair, 2019-2020) at
Facebook: @ivsa.alumni