[AMR Hackathon]

[AMR Hackathon]
Online-registration is now open!
Go and get involved to this competition to win a ticket to Berlin !
What is the Hackathon?
Hack4AMR, an online hackathon organized in partnership between ReAct and IFMSA, invites teams to tackle social design challenges to address the ever-pressing issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). At the end of Hack4AMR we hope teams will have innovation projects that can feasibly be implemented in various countries around the world. Winners of Hack4AMR will have the chance to fly to Berlin, Germany and attend the World Health Summit, in which AMR has been set as a central topic. At the World Health Summit, winners would have the opportunity to present their proposed solution to key stakeholders who could bring the solution to life and actually implement the winning projects in-country.
For registration and more information, here’s a website: https://hack4amr.wordpress.com