IVSA Mentor-Mentee Project

Dear members,

Have you been looking for someone to connect with among the IVSA Alumni or your peers? Someone that you can discuss anything with – from university, to careers, and/or of a personal nature?

Well, we have great news for you! The Standing Committee on Wellness and the Standing Committee on Alumni have teamed up for a wonderful new initiative! We would like to present to IVSA the Mentor-Mentee Project!

SCOW has prepared a Google Form for both prospective mentors from IVSA Alumni and mentees from current IVSA students to fill out. We will collect the data and to match mentors-mentees based on their career interests, hobbies, etc. SCOW has asked that this relationship be maintained for at least a year to complete the program. Then the pair can choose to leave the program, connect with a new mentor, or maintain the current pairing.
SCOW recommends that the mentors and mentees spend time talking face to face whether that be online through Skype (or similar format) or even in person! However, it will be up to the mentors and mentees to communicate via email and work together to set up meeting times that work best for each other.

As this is a brand new project, there may still be some kinks to be worked out. Thus, if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions for future improvements, please do not hesitate to contact SCOW at studentwellness@ivsa.com.

Here are the links to the mentor and mentee forms respectively: