61st IVSA Symposium South Africa

The 61st IVSA Symposium will be held in South Africa from 03.01.2013 to 11.01.2013.

Theme : One World, One Health

Application period is from 30.07.2012 to 07.09.2012.  Local Presidents and EOs need to apply before 12.08.2012 to get preferential selection. There are 98 places including the ExCo and Trustees

All queries can be directed to ivsasym2013@gmail.com

See official website for more info: www.ivsa-southafrica.co.za

RABIES – Please note: The OC would like to strongly suggest that anyone travelling in South Africa before or after the Symposium should get vaccinations due to the recent rabies out break in Northern Kwa-zulu Natal area.

You need the 3rd(last) vaccination at least 2 months before your arrival.