Upcoming Symposium News

 66th IVSA Symposium in South Africa



Dear Member

We are proud to announce that our upcoming Symposium will be in South Africa!

We are happy to say that we look forward to meeting all of you, and some of you again in South Africa!


Important Information for Delegates

General Assembly agenda

During the General Assembly (GA) we will discuss the past and the future of IVSA. The final version is included in the General Assembly Booklet of which every country will also receive one copy during the GA. In this GA Booklet you can also find some more information on the rules we use during the GA (Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised) and the voting procedures. 


For those of you that will be experiencing our amazing annual Symposium for the first time: the General Assembly (GA) is the decision making body of IVSA. All delegates are part of the GA and votes are cast by each country represented. Before the start of the first GA, all members from the same country should select one representative that will cast the votes for their country.

It is required to read the the manual for IVSA members on the General Assembly and highly recommended to read the IVSA Constitution and Bylaws (rules of IVSA).

Also there are 5 Bylaw Amendment documents. These documents are bylaw amendment proposals. Again, for those of you that are new: this means a proposal to change something in our bylaws. Our bylaws are the rules for IVSA together with the constitution.

Make sure you’ve read them before the start of the symposium as we will be voting on these amendments during the GA and it will make the sessions more efficient if you all know what we’re voting on in advance. Also attached is VetStream Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) document. This MoU outlines the updated agreement between IVSA and VetStream with regards to our partnership and Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE) student ambassador participation. The VetStream MoU is revised and renewed annually to improve the partnership between both parties. Again, it is advised you read this as we will be voting on the renewal of this MoU during GA.

During the General Assembly, we will also be voting on the new President-Elect. The President-Elect will become President on the 1st of September, 2018. If you are interested in running for the position, I advise you to read the manual for this position.

Furthermore, during the General Assembly we will also be voting on the host Member Organization for the 68th IVSA Congress, held in July/August 2019. You can also nominate your Member Organisation to host the 68th IVSA Symposium, held in December 2019/January 2020. The host for the 68th IVSA Symposium will be voted on during the 67th IVSA Congress (Krakow, Poland) summer 2018. For more information you can read the manual for the Organising Committees.

If you are interested in the President-Elect position or to nominate your Member Organisation for hosting the congress/symposium you can always contact the ExCo if you have any questions regarding the position or if you just want to let them know that you are interested in running for the position. All email addresses can be found on the website: www.ivsa.org

Don’t be scared to nominate your MO for host! After all, motivation and being eager to learn are the most important qualities when hosting the IVSA congresses/symposia.

There is a policy paper with the title of ‘Shelter Medicine Position Statement’. For those of you that are new, IVSA publishes Policy Papers and Position Statements on relevant veterinary topics, however, these need to be voted on in the GA. Please read this as we will be discussing and voting on this Position Statement during GA. In addition to this, there are 5 Endorsement Policy Papers from external global veterinary organisations and/or associations which IVSA have the opportunity to potentially endorse. This would signify IVSA’s agreement on such topics. Again, please read these as the endorsement of these papers will be discussed and voted on during GA.

Also, there is preliminary agenda for the GA to provide an idea for how the GA sessions will be arranged. To emphasise, the preliminary agenda for IVSA Symposium is subject to change, however, changes will be minimal. The GA agenda is not finalised and a final version will be sent to you all at least 10 days before Symposium in a GA Information Booklet.

Lastly, ExCo will like to announce that nominations are now OPEN for the 6th IVSA Excellence Award. Every half year ExCo presents the Excellence Award. The winner of the 6th Excellence Award will be awarded to an outstanding IVSA member during the 66th IVSA Symposium in South Africa. You ​can ​nominate ​someone ​simply by ​filling ​out ​the ​Google ​form; please find the Excellence Award information attached. The closing date for Excellence Award nominations will be 5th December 2017, at 23:59 GMT!



To summarise all this reading:

– GA Manual

– IVSA Bylaws & Constitution

– Voting on Bylaw Amendments (5)

– Voting on VetStream MoU

– Presidential election

– 68th IVSA Congress host election, 68th IVSA Symposium ongoing nominations and Organising Committee Manual

– Shelter Medicine Position Statement

– IVSA Endorsement of External Policy Papers (5)- 6th Excellence Award Nominations

– Preliminary Agenda for 66th IVSA Symposium GA sessions


Again, should all of this still be vague and a little unclear, please read the manual for IVSA members on the General Assembly and watch the explanatory video the last secretary general made. It is also highly recommended to read the IVSA Constitution and Bylaws (rules of IVSA). You will appreciate the General Assembly a lot more when you understand the procedures. Should any questions remain feel free to contact the Secretary General or the Member Organization Director.



We are so happy to see all the old faces of IVSA again and some new ones! Welcome to the family 🙂

See you soon!