66th IVSA Congress Malaysia


Dear Member

We are proud to announce that our upcoming Congress will be in Malaysia!

We are happy to say that we look forward to meeting all of you, and some of you again in Malaysia!


Important Information for Delegates

General Assembly agenda

During the General Assembly (GA) we will discuss the past and the future of IVSA. To keep you updated on what we are going to discuss, here is the the final version of the agenda . This final version is included in the General Assembly Booklet of which every country will also receive one copy during the GA. In this GA Booklet you can also find some more information on the rules we use during the GA (Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised) and the voting procedures. At last, this booklet contains an overview of bylaw amendments and MoUs we’ll vote on during the GA.

For those of you that will be experiencing our amazing annual IVSA Congress for the first time: the General Assembly is the decision making body of IVSA.

All delegates are part of the General Assembly and votes are cast by each country represented. Before the start of the first General Assembly, all members from the same country should select one representative that will cast the votes for their country. It is required to read the the manual for IVSA members on the General Assembly and highly recommended to read the IVSA Constitution and Bylaws (rules of IVSA). We can all remember our first General Assembly and we have to admit I were a bit lost… So we are sure you will appreciate the General Assembly a lot more when you understand the procedures.

During the General Assembly, we will also be voting on the new members of the Executive Committee (ExCo). The Executive Committee (ExCo) members will start their term on the 1st of September, 2017. If you are interested in running for one of the positions (Secretary General, Member Organization Director, Development Aid Director, Treasurer, External Relations Officer, Committee Coordinator or Public Relations Coordinator) we advise you to read the manual for this position on the ivsa wikipage and contact the person that has had the position this year or in the past!
Besides voting on the new members of ExCo, we will also be voting on the new members of the Secretariat and the new Chairs of our Committees and Working Groups. The members of the Secretariat, as well as the Chairs will start their term on the 1st of September, 2017. If you are interested in running for one of the positions, I advise you to read the manual for this position and contact a person that has had the position this year or in the past.
During the General Assembly, we will also be voting on the hosting Member Organization for the 67th IVSA symposium, held in December/January 2018, 2019. You can also nominate your Member Organization to host the 67 IVSA symposium. In addition to this, you can nominate your Member Organization to host the 68th IVSA congress, held in in July/August 2019 as well. The host for the 68th IVSA Symposium will be voted on during the 67th IVSA Congress in Poland, Krakow. For more information you can read the manual for the Organizing Committees.
If you are interested in running for a position in the ExCo, in the Secretariat or amongst the Chairs, or to nominate your Member Organization for hosting the IVSA Congress/Symposium, you can always contact the members of ExCo if you have any questions regarding the position or if you just want to let them know that you are interested in running for the position. All email addresses can be found on this site.  Don’t be scared to have yourself or your MO nominated! After all, motivation and being eager to learn are the most important!

Documents to read (will be updated from time to time)

For those of you that are new: a bylaw amendment means a proposal to change something in our bylaws. Our bylaws are the rules for IVSA together with the constitution.  Make sure you’ve read all amendments and documents which there will be voted on BEFORE the start of the congress as we will be voting on these amendments during the General Assembly and you won’t have time to read them before the GA once you arrive in Malaysia. It will make the sessions more efficient and understandable if you all know what we’re voting on in advance.  Next to the documents we will officially be voting on, a brand new  Manual, which was written this year. The manual is about online attendance of General Assemblies and how that should be organized. We will not vote on approval of this manual, although we would like to show and explain it to you and receive ‘approval’.

Again, should all of this still be vague and a little unclear, please read the manual for IVSA members on the General Assembly and watch the explanatory video the last secretary general made. It is also highly recommended to read the IVSA Constitution and Bylaws (rules of IVSA). You will appreciate the General Assembly a lot more when you understand the procedures. Should any questions remain feel free to contact the Secretary General or the Member Organization Director.

Excellence award

The ‘Excellence Award’ is awarded by the Executive Committee (ExCo), twice a year, to an IVSA member that, in their opinion, has excelled within their position in IVSA. This person can be an EO, a President, a committee member, an IVSA Official, an OC member or any other IVSA member. You cannot nominate yourself and only IVSA members can be nominated. This award was made to recognize the great work these winners have been doing and to motivate others to follow their lead. The next Excellence Award will be given out during a General Assembly meeting at the IVSA Congress in Malaysia this summer.
So, do you know an IVSA member who has worked hard within the IVSA, has gone above and beyond to benefit IVSA and other students and has motivated others to become more involved in IVSA? Send in a nomination!
You can nominate someone by filling out the Google form that can be found here!  Nominations may be send in until the 19th of July 2017, at 23:59 GMT! Go ahead!!

MO Activites Poster Exhibition

During the 66th IVSA Congress in Malaysia, there will be a ‘Poster Exhibition’ where all the Member Organizations (MO) can show what activities they organize and how their MO is run.

It is the perfect opportunity to share ideas and to get motivated inspired by each other and each other’s activities. The posters will all hang for the full duration of the congress.

During the ‘International Stands’, you’ll also have a chance to talk to the other MOs about their universities and the activities they organize. However, if you don’t have time to talk to everyone during the ‘International Stands’ you can wander around the ‘Poster Exhibition’ to get some more information and ideas.

Every MO is allowed to bring posters (with a maximum of 3 per MO). You can bring posters as an MO, OR bring posters as a country. Each MO is responsible for bringing their own posters. The preferable size of the poster is A2 or A3 size. You are free to make the poster in whatever way you want; print it, write it, draw it, decorate it, etc.. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want!

If you have any questions or need any help, please email to mod@ivsa.org

Who, what, where, when?

  • 24th of July– 4th of August 2017
  • 66th IVSA congress Malaysia
  • What activities do you organize with your MO?
  • Make and present your poster!
  • Poster guidelines A2 or A3 paper format
  • ‘Portrait / Landscape’
  • State the name of your local MO + Country on the poster

Message from the EXCO

Auctions for the Development Fund – Message from the DAD!

“Hello guys!

Some of you may know already what the Development Aid Director (DAD) does for IVSA, but for those who don’t know, I will explain it really short.

So, we raise funds in various ways to help the vet school from low GDP countries by buying them equipment and lab instruments and to give away scholarships for the really motivated students around the world.

How can you help us with that?

  • Bring items you want to donate for the silent and live auction. (They can be funny, valuable, traditional, useful, decorations and.. the most appreciated – alcohol :)) )
  • Buy items at the live and silent auctions
  • Buy our IVSA merchandise
  • Donate cash
  • Bring us a sponsor!

Can wait to see all of you, and I hope you will help me to raise a record amount of money at the IVSA Congress in Malaysia!”

Message from the OC

The most recent Itinerary: Itinerary Malaysia

The most recent Post Congress Itinerary: Post Congress Itinerary

To be eligible to board the complementary air port shuttle, and use the congress busses during the event, we (the OC) require ALL delegates to update their MOST RECENT PASSPORT & STUDENT ID NUMBER in their profiles.

We would highly appreciate it if you guys could do this asap. Currently, Delegate Profile Information Update can only be done via our Website: www.mycongresslah.com

We would like to emphasize that it is also IMPORTANT to send us a ‘Digital-copy/Soft-copy’ of your Flight Details to our official email for our “Event Documentation Purposes”: ivsacongress.my@gmail.com

For congress related questions, you can contact the Organizing Committee (OC).


We are so happy to see all the old faces of IVSA again and some new ones! Welcome to the family :)

See you soon!


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