Standing Committee on Wellness


“Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind which can also be perceived as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life.”

The Standing Committee on Student Wellness aims to improve mental and physical health in Veterinary Students and Professionals, as this continues to be a point that can be improved on a lot in the veterinary profession. We do this through various projects and events to make sure we have the broadest reach



The committee was founded at the 65th IVSA congress in Austria after having organised a couple of wellness workshops at earlier events. This makes us the newest committee in IVSA!


Some of SCoW’s primary goals are:

– Helping students identify stress factors by giving presentations at student gatherings and disseminating information.

– Sharing stories to help students realize they are not alone in experiencing these feelings and inspire them to seek help where possible.

– Sharing advice on how to make small positive life changes, such as increasing time spent on sports activities or hobbies, to reduce or avoid stress.

– Compiling a list of different methods veterinary faculties and universities around the world use to provide help for struggling students in order to inspire those looking to create support systems within their own faculties.


Our current projects are the Mind over Matter Journal, Wellness Toolkit, Wellness Survey, Mentor-Mentee project, Online Counseling and Wellness Day.

As we are a very new committee, we try to not have set positions, but rather to have people working on the projects that they are passionate about! This makes for a dynamic committee where creativity is flowing because new ideas for new projects are always very much appreciated!



Instagram: IVSA_Wellness


Powerpoint slide for the applications is in the attachments, applications can be found here: