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During the 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia (August 2014) there was a new committee set up, namely the Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE), while at the same time, IVSA Standing Committee on Modern Technology in Education (SCoMTE) was disbanded, and its efforts incorporated into that of SCoVE.

The IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE) is a committee dedicated to Veterinary Education. It targets:

  • Globalization of Education
    • Spread veterinary education throughout the world
  • Innovation
    • Inform students about innovative domains of veterinary science
  • Free knowledge opportunies
    • Provide free knowledge to students throughout the world & give educational opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    • Combine sciences into veterinary perspective & collaborate with other health sciences and non-health scientists
  • Educational Partnerships
    • To collaborate with educational partners for the benefit of veterinary education and students interested in this area
  • Veterinary School Curriculums
    • To help improving school curriculums
  • Vocational Guidance
    • Help students and recent graduates to know the veterinary profession paths and guide them through best options
  • Extra-veterinary Skills & Professional Development
    • To promote and provide extra-veterinary skills, such as business management, administration, economical, leadership, and other skills


Interested in getting active?

Hey you! I’m glad you’re interested in joining the SCoVE family! Below, you will find what our goals are for this year, a glimpse of what your work will be as a SCoVE member.  It’ll be fun, I promise!                              

Michael Huang

Chair 2016/2017, IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE)


General SCoVE Goals for 2016-2017

Educational Resource Domain – everything about education!

  • Continue to develop and maintain the EDU+ platform. By adding more educational materials onto our website, and promote it mainly through social media.
  • Promote and expand the SCoVE Student Ambassador network – they are the direct link and communication between their schools, and require further coordination.
  • Gain more partnerships with companies. We need more like-minded partners like Vetstream, EchoVet, and WikiVet!
  • Continue with the close collaboration with WikiVet on the VET Talks and VETs Talks project. This year, not only do we want video submissions from professors, but from students as well, under the name of VETs Talks, where “s” stands for

Vocational Guidance Domain (CAREER+) – everything about the vet profession!

  • Further develop the interactive Vet Profession Map. Detailing our database, and build a network to connect prospective students to professionals

Policy Domain/ Curriculum Domain – what IVSA stands for & its part in veterinary curricula!

  • Educate school children, vet students, pet owner and animal health professionals on pet ownership policy.
  • Collaborate with organizations such as International Federation of Medical Association (IFMSA) to promote One Health and medical education.


IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education 2016-2017 Committee Board Roles

SCoVE Official Members

This year, all nominated members will be named SCoVE Official Members! You will be assigned to work on projects that you think most appeal to you (as defined by your application), but your work is not confined within the project assigned to you.  All projects will be discussed and accomplished as a team!  The goal is to have members engaged and aware of all projects of SCoVE.

The following is a brief introduction to some of our projects and the work you must accomplish individually and as a team:

  1. edu +EDU+ Project:
    The member most interested in this project will lead, enhance, and maintain the website (ivsascove eduplatform) by adding new online resources, updating the website, developing monthly newsletters and helping to gain more IVSA partnerships for free subscriptions and discounts for IVSA members. You will also have full control of the SCoVE Facebook page to post weekly on resources within the EDU+ website (EDU+ Friday). Handling this project does require a good degree of IT skills!
  2. vet talksVET Talks and VETs Talks Project:
    The member most interested in this will lead the project of VET Talks. A project that was jointly co-founded by SCoVE and Wikivet founder Nick Short. You will be in direct contact with Wikivet. You will help gain more vet school participation to the project via contacting vet schools or professors directly, or with SCoVE Ambassadors to gain more worldwide online lecture participation for VET Talks and VETs Talks. You will have access to the VET Talks Youtube page to update IVSA members of new lectures and VET Talks update. You Good web advertisement/web-use is useful.
  3. vet profession mapScientific Articles & Posters Project:
    Members interested in this project will collaborate with other committees and organizations to create abstracts and posters to be presented in IVSA conferences and other global events. If you are interested in academia and research, you will love this project as your work will be seen and recognized in global conferences!
  4. Vet Profession Map: Members interested in this project will work with the team to update the current leaflet (Vet profession map), connect each profession with possible relevant organizations, raise awareness on the branches of our profession via VET Talks or interviews, and build a bridge between those interested in the profession and those who are already in it!