Standing Committee on Veterinary Education

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The IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE) is a committee that dedicates its efforts to improving veterinary education.


During the 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia (August 2014) the current committee was set up under the name of Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE), while at the same time, IVSA Standing Committee on Modern Technology in Education (SCoMTE) was disbanded, and its efforts incorporated into that of SCoVE.


Globalization of Education

Spread veterinary education throughout the worldProvide free knowledge to students throughout the world and provide  educational opportunities.

Educational Partnerships

To collaborate with educational partners such as Wikivet and Vetstream for the benefit of veterinary students.

Veterinary School Curriculums

Help improving school curriculums.

Spread Veterinary Education outside of the veterinary profession

Raise awareness for important veterinary topics in communities. Spread information on veterinary topics among students in elementary, middle and high school

Career Guidance

Inform students about innovative domains of veterinary scienceHelp students and recent graduates to know the veterinary profession paths and guide them through best options

Extra-veterinary Skills and Professional Development

Promote and provide extra-veterinary skills, such as business management, administration, economical, leadership, and other skills



This year, 2017-2018, SCoVE is working on the following projects:

The EDU+ Platform is an online database with free or semi-free web educational resources, webinars, journals. Any good resources that aren’t on the website yet, can be send to SCoVE through a link on the website

The Veterinary Profession Map aims to promote awareness to veterinary students on the alternative careers available to them after graduation.  This is a project still under development.

Similar to TED Talks, we find exceptional speakers around the world to record lectures on interesting veterinary topics, available on our Youtube channel. Students are free to provide us with potential speakers for these videos.

The VET talks platform is also opened to students under the name of VETs (“students”) talks, allowing veterinary students globally to have the opportunity to host their very own presentation.

To spread veterinary knowledge among non-veterinarians, SCoVE has created the SCoVE workshops. Veterinary students can then give these workshops in their local community. Currently available are the following workshops:

  • One Health (ages 7 to 12 (elementary school))
  • One Health (ages 12 to 18 (middle/high school))

Since 2017, SCoVE has an ambassador network to promote their projects:

  • SCoVE is looking for an ambassador for every vet school to promote their work to local students.
  • An ambassador promotes the work of one of the educational partners,  Vetstream, as well
  • The ambassador with the most points  will receive a prize, which would be a free congress registration, with free hotel and flights for one of the key international veterinary congresses: NAVC, BSAVA or WSAVA

To promote international research on veterinary education, SCoVE creates surveys on various topics to collect input from IVSA’s international community. From this collected data, it will then publish the results in a SCoVE  research publication.



Interested in getting active?

The applications for the SCoVE team are open each year in September. From the received applications, up to 8 members will be chosen by the SCoVE Officials.

Beside of that, you can promote and contribute to SCoVE locally by becoming a SCoVE ambassador. To learn more about this, please visit our ambassador website

Learn more at : our committee website


New year. New term. New Committees!

Form link:

SCoVE committee applications are open until Saturday, September 15 2018 at 23:59 CET (GMT+2).