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The one health concept is directly related to one of IVSA’s objectives, as stated in the Constitution, namely to “Encourage veterinary students to use their knowledge and abilities for the benefit of both animals and humans”. The role of SCOH is twofold: One Health & Veterinary Public Health. This committee aims to promote the importance of One Health and the interdisciplinary collaboration between vets and other public health related scientists as well as awareness of the role of Veterinary Public Health. The role of SCOH is important for IVSA and its members, as it broadens the collaborations of vets, spreads knowledge of veterinary public health, provides opportunities in this sector and promotes activity of the members within local and global projects.


SCOH is a Standing Committee of the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) which was founded at the 62nd IVSA Congress in Utrecht, The Netherlands, based on the proposal of Pim Polak (IVSA The Netherlands). SCoH is one of three IVSA Standing Committees, the others being the Animal Welfare Committee and the Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE). The first Chair of SCOH was Theofanis Liatis (IVSA Thessaloniki), who served also as a Member of ExCo 2013/2014 (Veterinary Public Health Director).


If you have any questions about One Health or the SCoH Committee, please contact the SCOH Chairman, at



Existing Projects within SCOH

  • Veterinary Public Health Journal

The VPHJ is a scientific journal where all students can publish one health related articles. Each journal focuses on a specific topic to highlight current events and raise awareness on specific one health issues. Goals for the next publications team will be getting partner organizations (OIE, FAO, IFMSA, IPSF, etc) promoting the journal and submitting articles and relevant educational information from their organizations to the journal. As committee chair, I hope to bring more awareness and global promotion of this journal through the four articles during my term.


  • World Rabies Day, September 28th

World Rabies Day takes place on September 28th every year. IVSA-SCOH participates to raise awareness within our MOs and the public. We want to motivate our LoVPHOs to establish projects and events that will help educate people to join the fight against rabies.

This year, we are partnering with Mission Rabies to promote this year’s theme – Rabies: Zero by 30, focusing on the World Health Organization’s goal to have zero human deaths from rabies by the year 2030. Together with Mission Rabies, we ask that our IVSA chapters partner up – a chapter where rabies has been eradicated and a chapter where rabies is a current threat – to complete a 30 day fundraising event for the partner chapter where rabies is still prevalent. This campaign is looking to challenge chapters while fostering community to illustrate what can be achieved in 30 days and the impact it can make.


  • One Health Day November 3rd

A new project from last term, One Health Day is a global event promoted by the One Health Commission organized to emphasize the importance of One Health. IVSA-SCOH will be engaged in their event with a global contribution of our own, as well as encouraging participation from our local MOs.


  • Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR is one of the hot topics in one health and the public health community. The WHO has released another resolution and published a global action plan. The OIE, as well, will be releasing a new AMR campaign later this year. IVSA feels the responsibility to contribute to this important issue. In collaboration with IPSF and IFMSA, we create a global campaign and encourage our local MOs to follow suit and set up their own local projects.


  • Stop Tuberculosis Day, March 24th

Every year collaborations between various global organizations work to promote different aspects of the importance of fighting against tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is still a dangerous disease, especially in matters of antimicrobial resistance. SCOH, together with our partner organizations, creates a global campaign for our collaborating organizations to participate in.




  • Official position of the committee
  • Elected at IVSA Congress
  • Guides team members throughout the year, ensuring good communication and progress of the committee projects


Immediate Past Chair:

  • Serves as an advisor to the committee
  • Helps ensure good communication and smooth continuation of projects



  • Take meeting minutes during SCOH meetings
  • Searching websites of global one health organizations and collaborators for important news to share on our social media portals
  • Promoting one health related events and important SCOH information via Facebook
  • Editing our official SCOH website (


Project Manager (2):

  • Promotion of projects (World Rabies Day, One Health Day, Stop TB Day, AMR Week)
  • Working with various collaborators on current projects
  • Motivating member organizations and monitoring local projects
  • Setting up guidelines for SCOH to ensure continuation of annual projects


Publications Team (3):

  • Editors for VPHJ – responsible for all journal related tasks
  • Skills with editorial tools and InDesign are recommended (but not required)
  • Send out call for articles to MOs and collating articles
  • Writing articles and conducting interviews
  • Collaborating with global organizations for contributions


Local Veterinary Public Health Officer (LoVPHO) Coordinator:

  • Stay in contact with all LoVPHOs
  • Contact current MOs to recruit new LoVPHOs
  • Assisting project managers in distribution and promotion of our global campaigns



Hello Fellow IVSA Members!

My name is Sarah Marnin and I am honored and excited to serve as your chair of SCOH! I am in my 2nd year of 4 at Iowa State University in the United States. After completing my bachelor’s degree in genetics at the University of Kansas, I moved home to Iowa to begin my veterinary career.

Since starting veterinary school, I have become involved with several local and statewide one health related projects, including planning the second annual Iowa One Health Conference – a collaboration between all professional schools in the state of Iowa.

One health is a topic I am extremely passionate about, and I plan to channel that passion into SCOH’s existing projects while incorporating some new ideas of my own. I look forward to serving you as chair of SCOH and cannot wait to form a global team of passionate students.

Application for SCOH is here!
This form will be open until September 14th (GMT 11:59PM).


Instagram: @ivsa.scoh
Twitter: @ivsaScoh

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