Standing Committee on Animal Welfare


“IVSA Standing Committee for Animal Welfare (SCAW) intends to address one of IVSA’s main objectives; to actively support measures of improving the standard of animal welfare worldwide. SCAW aims to engage veterinary students on an international scale to increase levels of awareness and education about animal welfare and work towards creating a world in which animal welfare is maintained to the highest standards and animals and humans can live in harmony; whilst also preserving the environment.”



SCAW is the first Standing Committee of the IVSA



Our goals are to:

  • Create partnerships with organisations protecting Animal Welfare
  • Promote international and local organisations involved in Animal Welfare
  • Organise animal welfare workshops, lectures, webinars, etc. at IVSA events or separately
  • Encourage and support local MO’s to organise animal welfare events
  • Create our Animal Welfare Journal and write articles for other relevant IVSA journals and newsletters
  • Provide sources of information and knowledge on Animal Welfare
  • Create places of training on Animal Welfare for veterinary students
  • Inform students on Animal Welfare opportunities and work with international organisations to create further opportunities
  • Work with other Standing Committees of IVSA on shared issues and goals



Animal Welfare Week:

Since 2017 we have organised an Animal Welfare Week; encouraging veterinary schools to hold events centred on animal welfare. This week encourages students to increase awareness of and address animal welfare issues within their local area. Each year, we choose a veterinary school as our ‘Winner’ and they receive a prize from the committee.

Our Animal Welfare Week in 2018 was a huge success; with 18 MO’s taking part from Europe, Asia and Africa. They organised events such as visiting local schools to educate children on animal welfare rights, running vaccination clinics within their communities, organising the showing of a film about animal welfare and holding talks on issues such as animal bestiality and the philosophical and political concept of animal welfare. Reports from this can be found in the 1st edition of our journal here and photos are shown below!

Week in Welfare

In 2017, we also founded our “Week in Welfare” posts on Facebook. Each week, a member of our Publications Team will write a short post on a topical animal welfare issue which is published on our Facebook page. These posts have covered a range of topics including conservation, climate change, use of animals for scientific procedures, new laws and legislations and many more! They aim to generate debate amongst veterinary students as well as to create a platform which we can use to address specific animal welfare issues and raise awareness of some issues which may be lesser known internationally but are having a major impact on a national and local level in some areas.


We recently published our first edition of SCAW Journal which can be read here. Veterinary students have the opportunity to create content for these journals and this is a project which we are looking to continue to develop in 2018-19.



In the 2018-19 term, the committee hopes to begin the following projects:

  • Gather information from Local MO’s on the main animal welfare concerns which they are facing, in order to increase SCAW’s knowledge. We hope to be able to collate this information to present to IVSA ExCo and other interested parties and use it to better coordinate our efforts to address these problems.
  • Create resources to encourage environmental sustainability of IVSA’s events; such as a manual.
  • Research the levels of animal welfare teaching within the veterinary curriculum in different regions.



Committee positions are as follows:

  • Chair: Meg Rawlins
  • Publications Team (x 3)
  • Social Media Manager
  • Journal Creator
  • Website Manager
  • Ambassador Manager (x 1)
  • Projects Manager (x 1)
  • Education Officer (x 1)

We also have Animal Welfare Ambassadors. These are not members of the Committee but are chosen members of MO’s who act as a point of contact for the committee and are vital in enabling us to keep up to date with issues, events and concerns! Applications to become an Animal Welfare Ambassador will open after the committee has been chosen; so keep an eye on our social media!



Applications for the above committee members (excluding Chair) are now open! Apply here:

Please do not forget to send a Motivation Letter; no more than one page of A4 in font size 12 to as well as filling out the above form.

More information about positions can be found here


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