brian-2Chair: Brian Jochems, IVSA SAVMA

his Ad Hoc Committee is helping to navigate IVSA through the transition of adopting a paid position within the organization. The idea of this paid position surfaced within ExCo as a possible solution to the overwhelming work it is to run such an organization as well as to provide some long-term stability to the association (with the idea being this person would remain in the position for a minimum of three years). Several other associations similar to ours also have such a position. Given the unexplored nature of this endeavor, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed at the most recent Congress in Austria to help the ExCo and the general IVSA body navigate through this transition.
Committee Goals:

·         Communicate with current EXCO and former officials about possible tasks and goals for this paid position, publishing the results and asking for  feedback from the Member Organizations

·         Communicate with other organizations with a similar position to ascertain the management of this position for their organization

·         Draft up contract outlining paid position and what duties/responsibilities/expectations it entails

·         Begin the hiring process to hire this individual

·         Provide feedback and support to individual in paid position for the first few months

·         Create a presentation to be given at the Special General Assembly in SAVMA regarding this position to vote on whether to keep the position or terminate it