SCOH is a Standing Committee of the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) which was founded at the 62nd IVSA Congress in Utrecht, The Netherlands, based on the proposal of Pim Polak (IVSA The Netherlands). SCoH is one of three IVSA Standing Committees, the others being the Animal Welfare Committee and the Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE). The first Chair of SCOH was Theofanis Liatis (IVSA Thessaloniki), who served also as a Member of ExCo 2013/2014 (Veterinary Public Health Director).

The one health concept is directly related to one of IVSA’s objectives, as stated in the Constitution, namely to “Encourage veterinary students to use their knowledge and abilities for the benefit of both animals and humans”. The role of SCOH is twofold: One Health & Veterinary Public Health. This committee aims to promote the importance of One Health and the interdisciplinary collaboration between vets and other public health related scientists as well as awareness of the role of Veterinary Public Health. The role of SCOH is important for IVSA and its members, as it broadens the collaborations of vets, spreads knowledge of veterinary public health, provides opportunities in this sector and promotes activity of the members within local and global projects.

If you have any questions about One Health or the SCoH Committee, please contact the SCOH Chairman, at publichealth@ivsa.org.

Interested in getting active?

Dear IVSA Member!

I am really excited about the next year! My name is Clara Buxbaum and I am in my 4th year of my veterinary studies. I am studying at the Veterinary University of Vienna in my lovely hometown. I got the honour at this year’s congress to get elected as the next Chair of SCOH.

Last year I contributed my time to SCOH as a project manager. I had the pleasure to work together with a great team.

I have a lot of ideas and would love to see them implemented in SCOH within the next year! I am highly motivated and looking for vet students around the world who are passionate about One Health, willing to contribute their time to realizing new ideas and eager to push existing projects forward.


Existing Projects within SCOH

  • Veterinary Public Health Journal

The VPHJ is a scientific journal, where all students can publish one health related articles.

Each Journals focuses on a specific topic to highlight current events and to raise awareness on specific One Health issues.

Getting partner organizations on board and motivating them to promote the journal and to submit articles/educational information will be one important task for our next publications team.


Last issue of the VPHJ (July 2016):VPHJ


We have several projects where SCOH tries to join forces with our partner organizations to set up worldwide events through our MOs.

With the next term I would like to promote those projects further and set them up in a more sustainable and long running manner.


  • World Rabies Day, September 28th

World Rabies Day takes place on September 28th every year. IVSA – SCOH participates to raise awareness within our MOs and the public. We want to motivate our LoVPHOs to establish projects and events that will help to educate people and to join in the fight against rabies.

Rabies one the hand might be the deadliest infection but it is also the one infection that can be prevented 100 %!

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR is one of the hot topics in One Health and Public Health Community. The WHO has just released another resolution and published a global action plan last May.

IVSA feels the responsibility to contribute to this important issue. In collaboration with IPSF and IFMSA we create a global campaign and try to encourage our MOs to set up local projects.


  • Stop Tuberculosis Day, March 24th

Every year collaborations between various global organisations try to promote different aspects of the importance of fighting against Tuberculosis. SCOH, together with our partners from IFMSA and IPSF is also participating. Tuberculosis still is a dangerous infection especially in matters of AMR.


New Projects for the next term

  • One Health Day November 3rd

On November 3rd the One Health Commission wants to emphasise the importance of One Health. This global event is supposed to engage all different organisations and professions in One Health related projects.  The Public thus should see the importance of One Health. This year we are highly motivated to take our part within that campaign.


Positions within SCOH

Screenshot (1092)


  • Chair – Official Position of this Committee

Guiding the team throughout the year and ensuring a good communication between all board members.


  • SCOH Secretary and Webmaster

Working on the SCOH Manual for following committees

Taking Minutes during SCOH Meetings

Being our little spy – searching websites of global (one) health organisation and our collaboreteurs for important news that we can share on our social media portals

Promoting One Health related Events

Editing our Official SCOH Website


  • Project Manager (2)

Promotion of Projects

Editing our toolkits and informational tools

Working together on projects with our various collaborateuers

Motivating Member Organizations

Setting up Guidlines for SCOH to ensure to continuation of our projects


  • Publications Team (2)

Editors for VPHJ, Responsible for all Journal related tasks

Good skills with editorial tools are recommended

Sending out call for articles to all MOs and collecting articles

Writing articles and interviews

Contacting collaborators and Global Organizations to contribute


  • LoVPHO Coordinator

Staying in contact with all our LoVPHOs

Contacting MOs and recruiting new LoVPHOs

Promoting the Position of LoVPHOs

Assisting the Project Managers – promoting global campaigns


  • Committee Liaison Officer

This person will be acting as a connection between the One Health Committees and the other committees we have currently working on veterinary related topics. (Animal Welfare, Veterinary Education, Policy Paper Working Group, Student Wellness).

This person will be working on projects with the other committees from the view of One Health.

Important tasks will be to keep up the connection, being responsible within projects, working online, etc.


Tasks of the Policy Paper Working Group: Investigation of topics which are important to IVSA to express opinions on and the establish policy papers to present to the GA.


Tasks of the Student Committee on Veterinary Education: They try to globalize education, work on innovations and interdisciplinary collaborations, etc.


Tasks of the Student Committee on Animal Welfare: This committee wants to actively support measures of improving the standard of animal welfare worldwide. AWC aims to increase the levels of awareness and education about animal welfare among veterinary students, while allowing them to form their own opinions.


Tasks of the Student Committee on Student Wellness: It was put into action during the 64th Symposium in Taiwan. It will determine what their main perspectives are throughout the next year.


You are …

… motivated – passionate about One Health – eager to work together as a team on One Health related topics – organised and able to schedule meetings & love to communicate with people all around the world!


Got interested?

Apply now for one of the named positions and tell me why YOU are the perfect fit!


Fill out the Google form and send it in until September 16th.

à  Application Form fill out online

à Please send your CV to publichealth@ivsa.org

We can only consider your application if we have the complete form and your CV!



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