IVSA Ad-Hoc Committee on Collaboration with Global Health Organisations


The newest team to IVSA, what are we wanting to do?

As the title suggests, this committee wants to improve IVSA’s relationship with Global Health Organisations such as the OIE, FAO, WHO and other UN initiatives so that we can bring our members more opportunities. Our aims include:

  • Organising IVSA’s previous collaborations and contacts
  • Detailing the specific procedures we must follow to become officially in relations
  • Making a calender of events to advertise to IVSA members and officials
  • Planning joint collaborative projects that IVSA standing committees and these organisations could undertake.


Who is involved in this?

Chair – Rosie Herrington  Since attending the World Health Assembly earlier this year I have been involved in forming this committee. I would love to see us increasing the number of opportunities for our members both so that more students can gain experience in the global health sector, and to make organisations aware that veterinary students can play an important role.

Caroline Bulstra – Along the way it became clear to me that Veterinary Medicine, besides curing animals, provides lots of different opportunities. During my internship at the Food and Agriculture Organization and at the last WHO World Health Assemblies I closely experienced how much the input of vet students in global health is appreciated, and I hope more IVSA members will grab their chances to explore these exciting fields.

Isaac Florence – Fascinated by veterinary global public health in school by a bovine tuberculosis project, I came to study veterinary medicine in London, a leading global health hub, and subsequently took a year out of vet school to intercalate in Global Health at Imperial College. I am working to help gain Special Consultative status with the World Health Organisation, and its benefits, for the IVSA and its members

Paulin Dettmann – During One Health related workshops and events I have organised in cooperation with the IVSA, the interdisciplinary approach for facing Global Health challenges caught my attention. I am grateful for IVSA’s special consultant status at the UN/ECOSOC which allows us students to participate actively in discussions.


What are we hoping to have done by Winter Symposium?

So far we have been putting our efforts into documenting previous collaborations, rekindling old contacts and figuring out exactly what we would need to do to pursue a more formal relationships. Our hope in doing this is so that we can be organised and understanding of the processes and effort that would be needed over the following 6-12 months. We therefore hope to have summaries of the organisations we have been looking at, the benefits of improving our relationships, the procedure and criteria we must follow to do this as well as our recommendations for how to continue this in the future for a sustainable relationship.