Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind which can also be perceived as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life. How on earth would you not want to participate in this!

Why should you apply for the Standing Committee on Wellness?

You should apply to work in this committee if you are passionate about making a change. It´s important that you have a desire to learn more about wellness and how to best spread it across the community, being around new cultures and the ways of living and studying of veterinarians and students all around the world. If you are a positive person that can see pass adversity in your work this is a new way of developing your own abilities and raising awareness for Wellness.

Do you have the time?

If you are motivated and organized, study shows that you are incredibly likely to conquer the world, so why not start here if you have some free time and some extra motivation to attend meetings and IVSA Events you can truly make a difference in this vital subject and even work on your personal wellness!

What work can be right for you?

You will be selected for one of three different positions: project manager, research  officer or publications officer. But all the work in the committee is team work, so always expect to join in in different opportunities and projects!

The Publications Officer will be the in charge of writing and editing all the necessary materials for promoting the committee and its work, like abstracts and essays, posters, facebook posts, etc. This person will also be in charge of managing the website and social media platforms of the committee. This job requires good english, the ability to comfortably write official documents as well as interesting pieces that draw attention.

The Research Officer will be in charge of looking up all the information needed to base the work of the committee in scientific and social evidence. They will work closely with the publications officer providing them information to work with. They will also be required to look for projects currently in place as well as new ideas and developments that the committee could join or use for benefiting the students of IVSA. This job requires a great deal of motivation, creativity and the will to stay updated!

The Project Manager will be asked to select a few ideas for projects and develop them throughout the year. This person will be putting in practice the ideas of the committee and benefiting the students directly through their actions. This job requires the ability to stay motivated through the year, to be very organized and respect deadlines.

Some of the Projects the Committee will take this next term:

Workshops & Lectures – Educate students on topics such as emotional intelligence, soft skills, skepticism and time management.

Improve teacher-student relationships – Through a better understanding of the underlying problems of the stress and workload on both sides.

How to study – Creating materials to teach students how to study, so that the stress from the workload can be reduced.

 ‘Wellness Week’ – Global approach for raising awareness of this vital topic, with the cooperation of the full extent of the IVSA Family.

More projects and ideas will certainly arise and the committee members will be instigated to come up with more areas where the committee can work, and to take the lead on what they are most passionate about! Motivation I key!

Thank you for considering joining this team!
If you are convinced this is for you, fill out the application form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdv-6iiemOPEXlrXQmDYY7kHTAMYP-KRced969dVP3vRe5G1g/viewform
and don’t forget to send us your CV to the committee’s email (above).