Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind which can also be perceived as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life. How on earth would you not want to participate in this!


The Standing Committee on Wellness is one of the youngest divisions of the IVSA, the awareness of the worrying condition of the veterinary profession and the need to better understand the needs of students and veterinarys lead to the official establishment of a working committee only devoted to transversal education on mental health, emotional inteligence and basic psychology. The committee team is composed by Emma van Roijen, Kelsey Libbe, Robinn Teoh and Xavier Canavilhas (chair) with a wide range of backgrounds and all scatered across the 4 diferent time zones in a daily effort to raise awareness and deliver quality information to help improve your own personal Wellness.

How do we plan to do this?

Wellness Courses and Curriculum

SCoW will make available an online course on wellness in cooperation with the University of Tennessee, and at the same time motivating universities to incorporate a wellness course in their curriculum. It is incredibly important that veterinary students learn about the wellness issues in their profession and learn how to prevent or act on these issues.

Mind over Matter’ Journal

The ‘Mind over Matter’ project consists in a journal published twice a year with dedicated articles on the wellness cause directly targeted to students and the veterinary profession. It features some of the SCoW projects as well as some informative leaflets and interviews. A journal is a great way to reach out and deliver good quality information, giving students a better understanding of mental health, wellness and some of the more challenging parts of veterinary medicine.

MO Wellness Toolkit

The Wellness Toolkit is a database for activities to promote wellness individually or in groups with a game like approach. This allows students to learn new ways of coping with stress, anxiety and other wellness disorders empowering a new generation of veterinarians into being happier, more fulfilled veterinarians.