*** Membership Fee Fund applications are now CLOSED! Click on the links at the bottom of the page for details!***

The Membership Fee Fund (MFF)


The Multiview Commission

A contract between the IVSA and Multiview was signed in the Spring (Febuary) of 2015, whereby funds from Multiview will be channeled into the Scholarship Fund. To summarize the agreement, Multiview will be selling Association Website Advertising (“AWA”), which is an assemblage of industry-specific business-oriented text, graphics, applications and content to be incorporated into IVSA’s Website. IVSA receives 30% of the commission for the advertisements sold on the Website.

The Membership Fee Fund (MFF)

Every year, immediately after the Summer Congress, MOs and ISMs will be given the chance to apply to the MFF to aid in the payment for their membership fee, in time for payment, in line with the bylaws’ 1st of November. The purpose of this fund is to support our members who struggle financially to continue being IVSA members. By having this application open after Congress, MOs which were accepted in the Congress can immediately apply for the scholarship.

In terms of priority, the fund will primarily be targeted towards for newly started MO’s, MO’s from low GDP countries and with great motivation to be an IVSA chapter/ become active within the IVSA.

It has also been decided that we will open the MFF for applications right after the Winter Symposium in Taiwan (February 2016) to all newly accepted MO’s.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the Membership fee.

Application process:

Application period: 1st Febuary- 14th Febuary

Application form will be made available during the Symposium. The form should be filled out and sent to developmentfund@ivsa.org and to mod@ivsa.org

Announcement of successful applicants will be made on the 1st of March.

Application forms for the MFF can be viewed and downloaded from below:

Membership Fee Fund (pdf)
Membership Fee Fund (docx)