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 LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. has set its sights on revolutionizing education by developing an e-learning platform that marries interactive 3D content, with elements of gamification, and learning techniques based on cognitive neuroscience.

Born out of a desire to provide students and professors with a world class digital product and educational technology experience, our team is comprised of veterans from the Video Game, Web, Mobile, Cloud, and Digital Design industries. We believe that by working diligently, and with world leading institutions, that we can create something revolutionary. Something that will save both time and money for institutions and students alike, while promoting higher levels of engagement and mastery.


EasyAnatomy is an interactive, 3D anatomy study guide for the complete canine. EasyAnatomy harnesses the power of modern 3D technologies to give you a new way of interacting with and learning animal anatomy. EasyAnatomy promotes clinical relevance, powered by the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and learning theory. We’re working with leading institutions to make sure we put the best tools in the hands of students and faculty.

EasyAnatomy is the first fully interactive 3D canine learning resource built for today’s veterinary students, professors, and practitioners.

Easy Anatomy Pre-Order

EasyAnatomy – is now open to veterinary students for pre-orders! Our friends at LlamaZOO are now collecting pre-orders! Those who pre-order gain exclusive access the EasyAnatomy private beta over the summer, and for a very short time one-year subscriptions are offered at a 66% discount.

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