IVSA Membership

IVSA is a membership based organization. To participate in IVSA activities or projects, you must be either part of a Member Organization, an Individual Supportive Member, or an Honorary Life Member. All members have the right to participate in the activities of IVSA, receive information about and have access to the publications of IVSA, speak at the General Assembly. Only Membership Organizations have the right to vote at IVSA General Assemblies.

A country is defined as an entity which is a state according to article 1 of the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States and is in addition acknowledged by at least one United Nations member state.

Any super-national veterinary student organization may apply to represent more than one country, as defined in the Constitution, subject to the approval of the General Assembly. In this situation the countries represented by the super-national organization will be considered a single entity with respect to their votes and membership fee.

To apply for a membership, please checkout our Become a member page, which is located on a dropdown menu.

☞How to create a national (or supernational) organization as a Member Organization (MO) of IVSA