Development Fund

What is the development fund?

IVSA was created in 1953 to benefit the people and animals of the world through the sharing of knowledge and science of veterinary students all over the world.

The Development Fund (DF) is one of the main ways for the IVSA to achieve this. Created in 1981 to help underprivileged faculties around the world, the DF has assisted many students – not only improving their education, but improving the health and welfare of the animals they care for and people that rely upon them. This is reached by several projects and sponsorships given by the DF every year.

Where do the funds come from?

The DF’s income depends on financial donations, student activities (eg. The Live and Silent Auctions) and fund raising activities. It is also helped by donations of equipment, services and is assisted by similar organizations. But our main fund raising activities are:

  • DF auctions at IVSA Congresses and Symposia (the Live and the Silent auctions)
    • The IVSA Symposium and Congress are held in different countries every year. These are the largest gatherings of IVSA members throughout the year.
  • DF auction at Students American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) symposium


  • IVSA Merchandise.
    • We also sell merchandise during events. The merchandise contains of IVSA Hoodies, scrubs, pins, phone cases, white t-shirts, etc.
    • All profit from the sellings of our merchandise goes to the Development Fund!


  • Local chapter activities and donations
    • You can also conduct a local fund raising and donate to the IVSA Development Fund.

Current Projects of the Development Fund


The Development Fund supports students around the world with the IVSA Scholarship Grant. This Grant contains multiple scholarships given twice a year. These Scholarships enable students to do an internship at a veterinary placement of their choosing. Which enables underprivileged students to broaden their experience, knowledge and skillset in the veterinary field.


The Development Fund also gives out the “IVSA Hill’s Student Next Generation Award”. This award enables one student to attend the WSAVA Congress in Toronto from the 16th-19th of July 2019.


Membership Fee Fund

The Development Fund supports MO’s in underprivileged countries through the Membership Fee Fund. New Mo’s are able to apply for this fund when they struggle to pay their first contribution to IVSA. The MFF will pay their IVSA Membership Fee for 1 year, enabling MO’s to start up and reach more students at their faculties.


Reduced Fee Spots

At every IVSA Symposium and IVSA Congress, the OC of the event will give out several reduced fee spots for students to attend the upcoming Symposium or Congress. The Development Fund will fund two more reduced fee spots per event to enable these students to attend the upcoming symposium or congress. The application process for these reduced fee spots, will be through the application form opened by the OC of that particular IVSA Symposium or Congress. Students that have applied for these reduced fee spots, will be contacted through e-mail.


Other Projects

The Development Fund has different projects every year. This year the Development Fund is helping different projects by delivering sponsorship, equipment, and services. Current projects of the Development Fund are: the Mission Rabies project in Ghana, the Vetbooks 4 Africa project, The Philippines Barili Project, the Henry Schein Microscopes project and the Vetbooks from Ohio State project.


Planning an event

Are you planning an event to raise money for the Development Fund? Thinking of doing one or have you already organized an event to raise money for the Development Fund?

If your answer is “YES” , we would love to hear about it! Please contact our Development Aid Director at


Becoming a Sponsor

If you or your company would like to support us or one of our projects or become one of our official sponsors contact our Development Aid Director for an individual offer.



If you have any questions please email the Development Aid Director. Application forms can be found on our website or facebook page ( Any questions can be send to this years Development Aid Director through




IVSA Development Fund bank account details:

Payment in Euro:

Account Holder:                                International Veterinary Students’ Association IVZW
Account Holder Address:              Avenue de Tervueren 12. B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Bank:                                                     ING Belgium SA/NV
Mailing Address:                              Avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Account Number:                            363073392866
SWIFT (BIC):                                       BBRUBEBB
IBAN:                                                    BE07363073392866


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