Who are the winners?

The Development Aid Director (DAD) is elected annually by the IVSA general assembly. It is the DAD’s responsibility to raise money and manage the chosen project, with the help of IVSA trustees.

The Development Fund projects will be chosen based on need and motivation. The IVSA Executive Committee chooses recipients of the DF annually from the applications received.  To be considered, applications must be received or post-marked by the application deadline, and legible.

The Development Aid Director will work with the students and staff, of the chosen school, to provide what resources they require. This ensures that funding reaches its right destination.


IVSA Development Fund recipient, 2012



The chapter members and veterinary faculty of IVSA Nepal that received laboratory equipment from the IVSA Development Fund 2012. The students will be able to gain practical experience and the local animals will also benefit from the donations.

Development Fund projects 2009/2010

Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Colombia
Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia,
Fundación Universitaria San Martín,
Carrera 19 No. 80-63, Colombia

The veterinary students in Colombia have now received Spanish Books and journals which were collected by IVSA representatives in Spain and shipped using money from the Development Fund. They had limited available resources in their library to learn from but now they are very pleased to have a more complete collection and wish us well in our continued work for vet schools around the world.

With thanks to Maria Novo Santamaria, IVSA DFO 2010/2011, for facilitating this project.


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nigeria
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Nigeria,
Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria

Students from a Nigerian vet school requested literature for their library which was very small. IVSA representatives in America have collected books and Steven Fernandez from the Veterinary school in Pennsylvania recently sent the first collection of books to the students. They are very happy to have more books in their library and look forward to the next installation of books which were collected at the March SAVMA symposium.


Animal Health and Production College, Ghana
Animal Health and Production College,
P.O. Box TL300,
Tamale, N/R- Ghana

Students and staff requested books and internet facilities as they believe this kind of resource could make a large impact on their learning. With the assistance of the British Veterinary Association Overseas Group, 200 books were sent from the UK to the College.

‘Students now have a wider range of books to read and to research. Lecturers also now have little or no problem in their delivery, as they refer and rely on these books for lectures’ says Richard Botchway, the representative of IVSA Ghana. The money raised by the Development Fund officers and trustees is now being used to set up internet at the college for both staff and students. This will dramatically help improve learning and global connections and it will put an end to students and staff having to travel to the city for internet access.


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, SAUM, Republic of Moldova

The students and staff at the faculty of veterinary science in Moldova are in desperate need of help from the Development Fund. They have very few resources to learn from and limited facilities. They have requested books and microscopes and we are currently doing our best to provide these resources. We are again grateful to be able to cooperate with the BVA Overseas Group, who have assisted us in a UK book collection. Our main tasks now are to overcome customs barriers to enable shipping to Moldova and to source microscopes for the students.

Most of the Development Fund money is spent on shipping resources to the recipients and we are very grateful for any donations we have received, and for the help we have received across the globe to realize these projects.

Animal Health and Production College, P.O. Box TL300, Tamale, N/R- Ghana

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